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What made you choose your fursona? How does it suit you?


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Fursona discussion!
What made you choose your fursona, and why? How do you feel it fits you? Why did you choose the markings/colors for your fursona? How long have you had it as your fursona, and what does it do for you emotionally?

I chose my fursona simply on the terms that a.) I enjoy the markings and personality of Dobermans, and b.) I feel most like a coyote. A dog really represents my personality in terms of being playful, optimistic, and extroverted, but I can often times also be introverted, timid, and a bit aloof, much like a coyote. So, in that case, I made my fursona a mix of both.
The colors and markings of my 'sona simply reflect a bit of realism in the pelt, and a splash of my favorite color in the hair and eyes. The zero marking over her eye? I don't really know why I chose it, but it feels whole to me. Maybe it just goes full circle, heheheh.
She hasn't been my fursona for very long, maybe a few months, since I was lacking one for a long time after trying to find myself and look at my life from a different perspective. Emotionally, Matcha (my fursona) means to me clarity, excitement, determination, and a extroverted being that is helping me internally break more out of the shell that I had put myself in when I fell out of the fandom for a time.

So, how about you guys? Get deep!


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My fursona is very colorful and I don't have same features than her.
She is space cat, Sangreta Moon. Cat (and felines) is my favourite animal so it was easiest choise for me.
I love also stars, colors and dreads a lot, so I put those things together, making colorful cat sona just for me.
She is so new that I don't actually know her yet, just a little bit and I'm sure that she is going to evolve with time, gettin' more personality, maybe changes for her, who knows?
I decided to create her just for fun, but still more close to me are my main characters and they're not furries so I don't talk about them here :p


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This is easy
So my fursona is named Wil
The name comes from a character in a Nintendo game
As for the species I like dragons and foxes


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My fursona came directly from Alaska. It was my school colors (orange and black), Name came from a team name we came up with for English, and Timber wolves used to attack me sometime while i walked home in the blizzards but they were just so cute before they tried eating you! X3
The personality came from my time in the military there. It is much more confident than me. I used it to get ahead. Before then I was very shy but with Zipline I could be the leader they needed to defeat the other squads. Also it helped that we were suuupper poor and could not afford food and on more than one occasion I had to eat dog biscuits that were hanging on trees in the forest to not starve. so, woo dogs! :3


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my fursona originated from my icon (the one i have on here)
the icon was a gift from a friend, she made a bunch of these cat ones as commissions and then one for her, me and another friend as gifts. the design was so cute, i made a humanized version of it that became my fursona over time!


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well I've often been told I rather act like a cat so my fursona became a feline! Their fur is creme colored since my skin is a little pale, the spots represent my several birthmarks and well. The undercut is, because I have an undercut x)
also the piercings and all are the ones I actually own or am about to get in the near future!


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Wanted to add a little personality to that mask I hide behind.

I thought one day "F*ck it, let's make him a Red Panda!", then from there I went to make him everything I wanted to be. I also made his name up with a hybrid of one of the names I use publicly (Names are powerful, be careful who you share yours with).

I don't know it qualifies as a fursona, but it's my regular avatar which just so happens to be a Red Panda.


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I love water and the beach (and grew up near the beach, within walking distance), swimming, and all that, so I ended up with a shark. I chose a blacktip reefshark because I used to pick thresher for everything... seriously that was what first grabbed my interest: oh this has the tail style the other one has. Then I looked into the behaviour etc and figured it meshed well enough with who I am.

Portley on Toyhouse if you're interested in her design :D


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I wanna do nothing but help wildlife and conservation, and wolves play a pretty gigantic part in any ecosystem they're apart of, things basically go to shit when they're wiped out and unable to bring balance. Plus dat fucking fluff yo.


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My fursona wasn't exactly created until I was around 13. Although when I was around 10, I remember browsing through a book magazine and found one called "Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher". This lead me to discover, not only the name of which I use today, but what species my fursona was. Dragons have always been a really huge interest of mine, where as for my name, Nemnth, was actually a miss-spelling for a name that had stuck with me from the book. I remember watching around in middle school with the name stuck in my head for some reason. The original name was Nenmth, but Nemnth stuck with me instead, and I've used it ever since!


My fursona was unplanned. I originally had a golden tiger fursona, Kelcie, and I was coloring her in on this base. Then I decided to make a cow adopt on that base, subconsciously adding pieces of myself to it. When I finished it I realized that she was more deserving of the fursona title than Kelcie was.

(Also, I envy those of you that have had fursonas since you were 13. I change 'sonas often.)


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I've had three.

First was a waffle. Waffles are fucking delicious, yo. I think it fit rather well with the silly person I was then.

Second is a dragon. I've always liked Spyro. That was my childhood <3.

Now I'm birb. Birbs are cute.

The thing is, though, the fursonas are just animals (and foods?) with my personality slapped on.


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I didn't want a canine, and none of the felines I tried fit quite right. Then one day I sketched a hare and it just seemed to fit.


I don't really have a fursona... but i'm working on a character right now just for funsies. www.furaffinity.net: Squishy by Crestego
I plan on making a more anthro version of him.... but hot damn, Octopuses have become my favorite animal. The color combinations are just what I find appealing put together... he just came from a doodle when I wanted to get back into doing art stuff. X3

If I were to make an actual fursona, I honestly wouldn't know what species I would be. I've gotten Rabbit, dog, fox (though i'm pretty sure my buddeh was just joking), and a cat (but i'm deathly allergic to them, so rip).


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Since i was a young age, i always had a fascination with Birds, especially creating fantasy ones.
I created my own species of gryphon , that doesn't have any features of a feline (Eagle/Hawk/Dinosaur/misc) and i've stuck with it for several years now.

<====== my OC is pretty new, and it took me a while to get her design and personality to where i wanted, and with a fitting name.
I named her Singlespeed(named after a bike obviously, cuz i can). She is quite cocky.


One time in class, I just sketched my baby. At the time I was going through some crap. Then I created her dark backstory while listening to Five Finger Death Punch. And then some how, she became a fursuit. Now she is my fursona. I have three main fursonas and I'm really trying to figure out what to do with my polar bear because she fits me best.


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I'm a cop and it's an important part of who I am, so a German Shepherd seemed natural. I always liked the iconic black and tan GSD fur coloring. And Dante? It's a name I got tagged with in high school (Due to my constant refrain of "I'm not even supposed to be here today!" in reference to my grocery store job).


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I chose a cat/skunk because I love cats. The skunk half was because I liked being alone and wanted people to stay away from me, and people stay away from skunks.

My hyena was when I got a little more confident in my life. Hyena females are in control and take no crap from the males, and I like that.


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My ex and I had two dog characters that we played around with. She had the female and I had the male. Eventually I turned the male one into my fursona and altered him a bit to fit me more. Dulled his colors out, changed his breed, and made him anthro.


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"What made you choose your fursona, and why? How do you feel it fits you? Why did you choose the markings/colors for your fursona? How long have you had it as your fursona, and what does it do for you emotionally?"

Moving out west to the desert a couple years ago made me look into the interesting animals around here. While I had one as a minor character before, the ringtail cat very much caught my eye again with their cohabitation with humans, mixing being friendly and docile for a raccoonid with also being playful, clever, affectionate, timid, and solitary creatures. Pretty much once I drew one I started falling in love with the idea as well as liking the animal.

Crescent moon was something of an impulse add, I'm pretty diurnal, but perhaps it helps distinguish us. It also draws on the ring theme to some extent, and the tie between a celestial body and bright rings led me to the name Katriel - which is both rather a pun, and means "my crown is God" from Hebrew. This has some links in meaning with my actual name, while having more associations of joy, brightness, fulfillment and life. (I am not strongly religious, but still enjoy the spiritual connotations.)

Initially she was natural white and gray markings, brightening the violet in the eyes somewhat to be visible, but I liked how the lavender shading turned out and committed to light purple rather than white as the intended color there. I have long, dark hair, though it is brown, but my favorite color is blue and I also very much appreciate black hair, so dark indigo/blue/bluish-green wound up her hair color. It's gotten a bit wilder over time thanks to enjoying that interpretation of it ^^


i've been drawing myself as a gator for a couple of years because my nickname is Gator, and they're my favorite animal. i identify with them in a number of ways, and well, i'm not about to show my real face so that's the closest anyone online is gonna get. but i don't really feel like it's a persona so much as a self-portrait.
so several months ago, i decided to make myself a 'sona and came up with Rastus. he's a monster who looks like a cross between an alligator and a monitor lizard, as they both have features i really like. i have a thing for monsters, and i love all things halloween and horror, so he's sort of halloween-themed in color/design (candy corn teeth and such), but also sort of plain and "natural" in terms of skin pattern to reflect my appreciation for the animals on which he was based. Having four eyes hidden behind his hair is both a visual preference of mine and an allusion to the fact that i have glasses and hate it lol. His "story" and personality vary based on my mood, though like me, he's a creature of the South who loves food and hates loud neighbors.
i like the freedom that comes with having a 'sona that is a representation of me/my interests, without the restrictions of being myself directly. makes him perfect for venting, kinks, silly stuff, and anything else i want. rastus himself is very uncomplicated, being just a persona and not an actual OC, so it's a much-needed break from the norm for me. "Do what you feel with no constraints" kinda thing.