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What "made you" furry?

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I did it because I just wanted to be popular.
please someone get this...


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i don't really know. i've always really liked animals, sometimes more than people [i'm pretty good at being shy and bad at social interactions], and i think seeing movies like The Lion King and Disney's Robin Hood, and then cartoons like SWAT Kats and Rocky and Bullwinkle, and then comic book characters like Mr. Tawny and Usagi Yojimbo only expedited the process.

when i heard from a friend about furries, i was like, "oh, people with similar interests! why not?"


For me?

Disney's Robin Hood, pretty sure. Introduced me to the whole idea of anthropomorphic animals at a pretty young age. Initially the draw to anthros was a "wow that would be cool if I was a fox-person" type of thing, more about the novelty of the integration of human and animal form into what I perceived to be a better form. Later on the whole thing also took on a sexual side, especially when I first saw DarkStalkers with Talbain and Felicia. First contact with the fandom for me was when I was looking for porn of Felicia.

I'm guessing I sound so stereotypical it isn't even funny. But it is what it is.
It's all Disney's fault.

Really though...I don't know. I just "discovered" the internet, found a pic of an anthro dog or cat or something, thought it was completely awesome, then saw CSI with all the fursuits, thought that the suits were just as awesome, finally found out what "furry" was.
"Ohhh, NOW I get it!"


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Randomly found a furry site loved it and joined the site and here i am =3


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Uhhh, I am know for drawing a bunch of random things. then i get to college, meet furries and there like "Hey your a good artist, draw me anthro," and in my sweet niave freshman year (last year...) i said "sure, what anthro?" One thing lead to another, then my furry friends discoved i look like a hamster, then I am like, "wow, I am a furry!" Now i am working on an Ironclaw (anthro RPG) campain and working on a comic series anthro style, whoot fandom XD


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I was browsing some comics and I encountered a yiffy one. Then I found out that anthro porn was good, so I typed "yiff" in google, which directed me to YS and later here.

Seriously, I am in this for the pron.

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For me it growing up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney, and the Looney Toons.

Then I enjoyed movies with animal transformation like Cat People.

This led to TF art, which led to Anthro TF art, which led to furry art.

Everything came full circle it seems.


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Ummmmm I wonder if being gay has anything to do with mine. It's definitely the reason I stuck around long enough to care. Also, I'm a complete pushover for animals. I have three cats and oh my god they are cuddly.


I simply accidently stumbled on Yiffstar and found some of the art there very appealing and realized I was a furry from there.


Tough question.

Probably any anthro I found cute throughout my younger years. Disney, Warner Bros, etc etc
I have always kind of had an interest in antros, I just never knew what they were called. I also had a tail obsession when I was younger ( still kind of do lol) and then when I watched the 10th kingdom and saw the character Wolf... well that prety much pushed me over the edge.


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Ive always LOVED animals, my whole life. I never really got into the Disney movies much, since I watched them so many times as a little kid that I got bored of them. But my friend told me to read the Redwall books, and I became OBSESSED with them. A few years later, one of my friends told me he was a furry, and I was too embarrassed to ask what it meant, so I Googled it. At first I thought it was kinda weird, but interesting. Then I kinda started to like the idea of it after I Googled it more and thought about it. I realized it seems to describe me somehow, so now I'm a furry and I love it! ^^


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Easog. Easog made me a furry.


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What made me furry? Well cartoons, the internet, and not smoking anymore. When you stop smoking you'll find stuff out about yourself you never knew before.


I officially joined the fandom this past September. But after more navel gazing and reflection, I'm pretty sure its all Anne McCarffry's fault. When I was 10, I read all of the (then) available Dragon Riders/Harpers of Pern series. I wanted to be Ruth so baddly....Later on, I found that the Otter was my totem. Tool-using, amphibian, smart....some might say cheeky. :cool:

When I reconnected with the fandom 31 years later, it just clicked.


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The Hobbit. Smaug should have killed everyone in the book. If he had, I would have been happy. That he was killed pissed me off.

Even since then, I've been fond of dragons. But 3-4 years later, when a friend of mind drew a rather cute dragon smiling, I realized how fond of dragons I'd become!

I've been a fur ever since. (Howbeit in the closet.)


This is the one thing ill never figure out. I just discovered the fandom one day, and became straight-up obsessed with anthro art.

I think i can attribute it to my love of anthro characters as a child. I guess part of me never got over the love of them, and it trancended into my furryness
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