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What makes you cry?


When I see shit that isn't there, and I know that it's not there but I still see it. Before I know it, I'm freaking out and gasping for air like some kind of freak


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I'm easily amused and I'll cry if I laugh for a long period of time (which is almost always). In all seriousness though, stress is the number one thing in my life that causes me to cry. Everything from managing school, jobs, money, my music label, etc. It all adds up and sometimes I can't bear it, so I just cry, and it does help... A lot.


World peace, Christmas presents, and children laughing.


The true cause of my endless stream of tears sounds hokey--death and injustice. Cuz Im'ma BATMAN.


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Okay, time to make a pussy of myself...this song, every fuckin' time.



Well, I've now traced my involuntary bitch reaction to a specific verse:

Do you believe in loss?
Do you believe in fate?
Do you believe in death,
Now that I'm gone?

Forsaken me, ashes to dust, just let me lie
Lay me to rest, I've done my best, but lost my sight
Turning my back, leave me alone, let spirit rise,
Knots in my back, all hope is lost, say goodbye.

I think it *might* have to do with being witness to a few too many suicides and constantly fighting depression myself...

But I'd also like to add that I've yet to find a song that better expresses what depression feels like than that one.
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Loneliness and immigration woes


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Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, by Aerosmith.

That was the song that connected me to my dad when I was younger. When he left for military service, that song would always remind me that no matter how many miles separated us, he was still there with me in spirit. That he was always watching over me, that he always loved me...
Oh god, my eyes are getting moist as I'm typing this...


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When I fail or disappoint people. Doesn't happen often.

I've never cried in response to a movie, book, song, etc. I don't get emotionally invested often, but when I do, it's usually with people and it's very strong.


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Optimus Prime's death scene from the 1986 Transformers movie.

AND The Penguin's death at the end of Batman Returns (The first time I felt sorry for a Batman villain).


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I very rarely get emotionally invested in people, the same applies for movies and whatnot. I have cried in one or two movies, like the ending to "Mr. Nobody" when he dies of old age, and maybe cried throughout some parts of the movie...

Another time that I'll cry (sort of) is from imagining something very devastating (like the death of someone I made up in my mind), or something so amazing that it will make my eyes water. I wonder if I should write stories about adventure on FA..(the clean type).


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I'm a bit of an emotional guy. There are certain movies which have me near sobbing...Iron Giant for instance, Harry's goodbye scene from Armageddon is another. I also get rather upset when I can't help one of my friends in their time of need :(


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When you get lead on by a person you've crushed on for a couple of years and they straight up tell you that they don't reciprocate your feelings and just say "get over it".

When you have no plans for the future and every day just makes it seem like going farther with any plan is not worth the time.

When you can't dream because you can't sleep.

When you wish you could be addicted to narcotic substances so you could push yourself to earn a living by doing anything but being a stupid, lazy, depressive, subhuman piece of shit.

When you think alcohol will make you a better person, and it doesn't.

When your social anxiety causes you to become mute because you're horrified to say anything because you don't want to bother people because that's all you're good at.

When you're so miserable that you have to complain on a forum.

When you wish you could just stop wishing.
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When my Violin string snaps T^T Oh, the horrible depressing feeling it gives. Such agony. Such sorrow. ---Wait nvm, I have like 9 packs of string sets sitting in my desk. I'll stop crying now.


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Paypal's not giving me my money fast enough. I need this money. I have a con coming up and I need to buy some fabric. If I can't finish my cosplay on time, I really would cry.