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What makes your fursona unique?


What keeps your fursona from being "just another ____"?
Markings, personality, background (i.e. futuristic, steampunk, medieval), etc.

What makes it shine?


See ya latter ****ers.
It has one eye and was part of a gang and is russian.

Kellie Gator

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I'd like to say nothing but I don't know, I focus more on simplicity than most furries do so it doesn't have an official canon that involves being a sooper sekrit assassin and it doesn't have a million tattoos either.

It's also a midget crocodile, I dunno if that counts for something.

Delta Fox

Adolf Clitler
It isn't a fox or a wolf


I think crocodile in general counts lol. Don't see many of those running around in the fandom.

Also I'm not really asking for people to tell me why they're original and the best. I guess just what makes your fursona unique and special to you. Negative Nans :p


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ok comissioning an artist to get us three in sexy girly clothing


Guess what mood I'm in today.
It has wings.

And it's Felidae.


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Nothing. I didn't want to do anything fancy to make it a speshul snoflak. I think when people make their characters have a bajillion markings or things like that... it is silly. And I wouldn't want to draw it every time I drew my character. I wanted something subtle that would be easy to draw and demurely colored so I could draw her wearing anything and any color I wanted without clashing. I also just drew her to look vaguely like me (yellow-y eyes, and really long hair... and recently I remodeled her body to be fat like I am). I think she looks unique enough without being fancy.

I could pick her out of a crowd. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5971070/


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The one I have in mind right now is flawed in many ways. Yet his personality makes him a character that I feel is a personification of hope, optimism, etc.


Takin it slow.
I didn't try to be original, I just tried to be interesting.

It won't top Smelge though. I would never set such an unattainable goal.


He has a Keytar with a blade along the edge.
And the odd flaw or two.