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What Marvel characters/groups/storylines do you want into movies?


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After seeing The Avengers last weekend, I always wanted to see what else other Marvel stuff could be made into a movie. I'd love to see things like Avengers Disassambled taking place after Avengers 2. I'd also like to see a movie about Iron Fist. Of course, I'd like to see a movie about Alpha Flight.

What about you? What Marvel movies would you like to see get made?

Hakar Kerarmor

Thanos of Titan, that'd be cool.


The hell am I reading, here?



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A Deadpool movie would be difficult to do right. But it would be damn awesome.

The main things going against it are the facts that it needs to be rated R and Wade has to break the fourth wall on numerous occasions.

On the first point, studio executives wouldn't want to have a Marvel movie put out of a super hero that's rated R because that would limit their audience.

Secondly, I don't think audiences will react well to him breaking the fourth wall if they aren't already fans of his franchise. Might be too much for them to handle.

Of course this doesn't go anywhere near the legal issues of what studio will actually be responsible for the flick, because Wade can be technically classified as a mutant which would put him under the realm of 20th Century Fox but you could also make the argument he's not which would leave him up for Paramount, Sony Pictures, or a Disney subsidiary to make the film.


I'd agree with Deadpool except that all the Marvel films are infallibly suck.

The only reason I enjoyed Iron Man is because Robert Downy Jr. is a pleasure to watch, regardless of what he's doing. :U

Besides, pretty sure 'Deadpool' is in one of the movies they did already, and i put it in quotes because that's what they called him but the character was completely different(he had NO MOUTH, the merc with a mouth HAD NO MOUTH AVOPARHVJOARNVavrna)


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Loki is so hot. As long as he has a reasonably large role I'll watch the movies. <3 (I was never a marvel fan, so I don't really know what all the options are, other than I keep hearing people mention Dr. Doom as a big villain who hasn't shown up yet.)

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Need a Luke Cage vs Dr. Doom movie




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That will depend much as to how well the do with the individual hero films. It will be interesting to see what happens next month when "Dark Knight Rises" is released, if they cannot come close to the numbers that 'The Avengers' have done it may take a while for the studio to push hard for the project. Besides. they also have to see what they can sell the fans as far as Flash & Wonder Woman. If they do well enough they may go ahead with the JLA Film. otherwise they'll shelve it and dump money on other projects.


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Sony was gonna make Amazing Spiderman 3, which would have had the Sinister 6. Sony then lost the rights to Spiderman, so it will never happen. What a bummer.


Reading the first page of this topic... who knew we'd actually get a Deadpool film, that was actually rated R, that was actually well-received!

We still need a movie about Hostess Fruit Pies!