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what more can you ask for?

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well, FA has been down for a while now, but things are starting to look good, so i need some ideas on what to draw (note: these are completely free of charge, no strings... well maybe a thankyou would be nice if its a good one).

anyone who wants to see a character or characters drawn (and maybe inked) can post any specifics here.

i will say, that i will indeed not draw every request that pops up on this thread (unless very few people post that is) so i will pick the ones that are original, or just plain awesome before i get to the rest.

i do have standards but they are rock bottom low, anything NC-17 to G is acceptable, just nothing like... raping babies or anything, use your general common sense for this part and if you are not sure, post it anyway and if it violates some moral standard i hold, i will just over look the post and send you a message why... if i am not too lazy at the time.

right now, you cant see much of my work but i will throw some examples up if necessary, but any i finish before FA is running will be posted in this thread until FA is up.


He who shale be ignored...
Though my character is not origanal or awsome in any sense of the word, by how many people seem to ignore him..., I would like it if you could draw my sona. I'll be able to get you my reference sheets tomorow evening, but I can give you a discription now.

His name his Thietogreth, He is completly clad in armor and wears a mask. The mask/face is an Ivory white, or normal white if you will, and he has symetrical paterns on his face, that you will see in the refs, which are all a crimson red. His mask/face also has four horns which you will better understand their shape from the reference sheets. He also has four eyes which are mostly closed but the pupals are red. His armor is a silver grey, or plain grey if you will. His arms, his waist, and his legs seem relitivaly skinny but his chest is rather braud (pardon the spelling) as well as his shoulders. On his chest he has a crest that is a circle with four triangles pointing up, down, left, and right. He also mostly wears a cloaked that reaches down to the floor that is also a crimson red on the outside and black on the inside.

I think that just about covers everything. Good luck with him.


RTL for short (obviously...)
Ok, I'll try one:
Bipedal fox, around 20y old, normal build. Wearing a top-hat, and completely soaked because of rain outside. His clothes are on the ground (tuxedo), completely soaked, and he's squeezing his soaked shirt with a really pissed off expression on his face. (Should include nudity, since he's taken off all of his stuff, except the top hat). The top hat has 'ennui' written on it.

If you decide to accept, then thanks.

EDIT: I'm okay with both b&w and colour, but could you in any case colour RTL's eyes purple? I forgot to mention that feature, and I think a 'Sin City' effect would be nice (since SC is completely black and white, and then BAM, you see Goldie's hair or "The Yellow Bastard"). If it's a hassle, then nevermind.
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well i like what i see so far, ^_^ i read the first two and wana do both, but i should probably wait for thietogreth to get the ref. sheet because it seems a bit on the complicated side

note if the stay really interesting like i have been seeing, people who post later will have a significantly lower chance of me getting to you... but i will try to real them all because i value every one of you, lol.


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Dunno if you will or not, but if you decide to do it I'd be most grateful...

Basically, it's a white tiger with deep purple eyes.



There's some reference images...

Now here comes the more unique part. If you could draw him wearing ceremonial garb, kind of like a cape and a lioncloth, with one of those leafcrown things, I forget what they're called, just sort of, walking along in a forest?

If you decide not to do it that's cool too =]


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note: no reference sheet is necessary but some that have more detail will need some sort of references if you have higher standards.

and dont be shy, i love what i do and do it well, so take full advantage of it while it's free.


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If it interests you, I'd like to see my fursona done as a 40's/50's pin-up girl. I don't have a specific pose in mind, or any real preferencs as to color or black and white, just whatever strikes you as fun to do.

She is a fennec, about 5'6, slightly thicker than average build. Her fur is light tan with a white underbelly. The tips of her ears, her tail, legs nearly to the knee and arms nearly to the elbow are black, as well as traditional fennec markings around her eyes. Her eyes are blue green. Her hair is black, about shoulder length with bangs. Her usual jewelry consists of 2 small silver hoop earrings on each ear and a silver chain necklace, but that's up to you if you want to add those.

I apologize for not having a reference sheet or any art of her, there are a few pieces in progress, but I don't have anything right now.

Thanks for checking this out and considering it.:)


Daxter Dyer, Private Eye
Would you mind trying mine. He's a husky Raccoon, rust red primarily but with a soft tan belly. His mask, paws and the 4 rings on his tail are all pitch black. He has a head of hair similar to Tom Welling from Smallville but a slightly darker red than the rest of his fur. He wears silver wire rim glasses over the dark fur of his mask. He's heavy but not morbidly so. Think of him as big and cuddly. He's masculine without being too butch. He's friendly and jovial. Prefers to wear jeans if he's dressed at all.

Also thinking of him as a detective in a 1920's era film noir mystery I'm going to be working on so a pair of slacks, white shirt and tie, trench and fedora, and a small handgun with holster under the trench would be awesome as well. If you could do this way as opposed to just in jeans that would be great. Thank you for taking the time to even consider this.


I does what I says on the box.
Mind if I put my character in for consideration?

My character, Victoria, is a Chinese Crested dog. Here's a ref for you to work off of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:C...ed_Dog_600.jpg

Most of her body is covered in very short silver fur. She has a wild mane of white-blonde hair. much like in the ref pic of the dog. She is slender and willowy. She wears a blouse (think a champagne color) that covers all of her upper half. The left side of the shirt has no sleeve, while the right side having a sleeve that goes all the way down her arm and ends in a diamond-shaped cuff that covers her hand. She wears cloth bellbottoms, not denim ones, which are beige with pink streaks. She does not wear shoes. She wears a silver ring on the index finger of her left hand.

Could you draw her sitting on a Victorian parlor chair, with her legs both angled toward the left, like she's trying to be lady-like? Here's an example for the chair: http://www.goodnightvienna.ca/f6.jpg

Oh, and here's a ref for Victoria:
Please note that her muzzle should be longer, like in the Chinese Crested ref link I gave.


Whether you skip or not, I think it'd be downright silly to let this opportunity go by without taking a chance. :D


I'd love to get a picture of my character Nick Zieu, if he suits your fancy and what-not. I'm not too particular on what the picture would involve... But for some insight, he's got a bit of an ego and isn't afraid to pose and flex a bit; he's a bounty hunter, using both guns and, occasionally, his energy ability; he love love loves hot cocoa; and he is more than happy to go out of his way to leave the house and go for a walk in the rain.

Happy arting, regardless of who you take on! Cheers!


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well this turn out is going well, enough to keep me occupied but not too many to look through ^_^

anywho i decided to start RTL's soaked tuxedo fox because... well i dont know but i thought it would be fun to draw wet fur (btw i decided to avoid any explicit nudity because i had other people around that were young and impressionable whilst drawing it)

i will post up two pick of it, one full and one sorta closer to see a bit of detail... being only a sketch it dosent have much and will probably be worked on further later.


RTL for short (obviously...)
Looks nice so far, and no problem about the nudity thing. Can't wait for the final version, and don't forget the 'ennui' on the top hat (it doesn't matter where it is, it's always somewhere else on the top hat).

Thanks again.

BTW, could you add a cane to the pile of clothes?
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I would love to see how someone would draw my chara Ukime...or maybe even Koomie herself! ^^;;

I'll see what i can do about images...

http://www.furryartpile.com/view/56342/ <-Ukime (can't see her tattoos really well though..)

http://www.furryartpile.com/view/55306/ <- Koomie (The info is below the piccy)
either is up to you..Koomie doen't have much up yet, so she'll be harder, Her fur pattern is almost exactly as a natural SugarGlider, Just black White and Lilac.

^^; Have fun!


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I've been looking for someone to try drawing Blue ^_^
I'll attach a ref sheet :3
The ref sheet has some things on it that she likes so you can use your imagination if you want to use those things in the pic ^_^
I'd like this to be G rated, please ^_^
Thank youuuuu~


Cecret Blown Susiness.
Ok, could you do me one?

He is a brown fox with long white hair going down his back with two dreads either side of his face, black baggy long-sleeve T-shirt, sheathed katana, baggy black jeans and black shoes with red laces...

Here is a reference pic... (Done by the ever so awesome Koomie)

Yeah, for the pose... uhh... Do him sitting, holding a bottle of alcohol.

If you did this for me, I would be very grateful, and if you want, I'll write you a bassline or something (I was thinking of writing some things up when FA comes back anyway, it might give me more incentive.)


Siamese, if you please.
*purrs a bit* ok, here's a request:

Something i came up with the other day, and couldn't draw myself

A siamese kitten (quadrupedal) crouched down to pounce something off screen. 3/4 view(if you're any good at that, i know i'm not). She'd have a pink ribbon around her neck like a collar with a big bow behind her head. Tail in the air, with big bubble letters (pink again) saying "Rawr!" in the "background"


hey emanner again :)
i could hook u up with some refs and poses if your still open?
Hi, E-mannor if you are still drawing requests I'd very much appreciate it.
I know my fursona is probably by far not original, I havent had anybody draw him yet.

He is a slightly muscular grey wolf, with shoulder length brown hair.
Wearing a black t-shirt, torn jeans, and white sneakers.
TY if you draw him.

PS. If you are going to draw in color then he has one red eye and one blue eye


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Alright everyone i have just moved into my beach house for the next two weeks and only now got my internet working so i can start back up. my commission list will never be closed so feel free to add as much as you want.

second matter calling me "E-mannor" although professional and refreshing is great feel free to call me "E" "Erich" or anything else you see fit.

now to the commissions:

@Magikain: oh boy a bribe ^_^ i will see what i can do

@eye of skelator: sure gimme something to work with though, any descriptions would be favorable

@ Koomie: i like your character design, and may get started soon... or not, but know you are on the immediate waiting list

(anyone not listed here, give me a day to sort through some more commissions i will get to all of you... or try my best to, and if FA comes back... ever... you can send me a PM or post on one of my "free commission" journals)


okay um here you go
this was such a long time ago so it sucks but could you draw her doing any pose you want with a more humanistic of him
hes my cat that i made into a boxer and he has short hair
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