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What originally got you into Furries?


Well the name speaks for Itself.
What did get you Into furries?

Whether It start in your childhood days or your love for furry animals...Post up.

For me I'd say it would have to be after watching Robinhood (The furry version), and maybe because my favorite animal was foxes at the time.
and maybe after playing Melee and using Fox constantly. good times...

But I was mostly because of these Starfox games.
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I don't think anything really caused me to become a furry, it is simply something that always seemed to be there until I knew what it was.


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An active imagination I guess...


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it was my strive to be different i guess...and my love for animals. also, ive always had a love for art and stories. so when i was browsing about the internet looking for some pictures/stories, i guess i stumbled across a furry picture, and it led me to furaffinity ~(smiles)~ and here i am now, full out furry, and proud ^^


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There've been a couple "How did you become a furry" type posts now this last week - my answers are there. :)


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Mmm... I've thought about that. (Partly because I suppose I imagine the dating of it is important) That would have to be either:

Drawing mammary-endowed tiger-taur females (circa '86), or RPing a panther in an "anything goes" fetish chat room (a place called Cyberpark, circa '90), or RPing an anthropomorphic (domeistc) cat as the nephew of a female Pharoh in an Egyptian RP setting (circa 2001, AOL).

Or you could count seeing Watership Down and Disney's Robin Hood (circa '78?) Or the release of Werewolf: The Apocalypse (circa '93?)


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I've always enjoyed anthro animals in art and literature, though I truly got into the "furry" shenannigans a few years ago upon my reading of Twokinds, by Tom Fischbach, an online webcomic that I enjoyed then starring a female tigress. I started drawing tigers like her and realized there were people that drew animals like that, and it just kind of spiderwebbed from there.


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I was always furry I didn't know exactly what it was but I remember liking anthro animals since I can remember. the shows and movies I watched probably played a big roll but I think I was just born this way.


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I blame my art instructor in Art School. When I started attending I was having real problems with my figure drawing and was definitely behind my classmates. One of our assignments was taking the human form and in some fashion distorting or changing it. I hated the project and kept putting it off until deadline was right on top of me.

At the same time in my high school history class we were studying Marco Polo. During one slide presentation my teacher showed an illustration from the Middle Ages showing some supposed dog-faced people that Marco met on his travels. I went with that and figured so long as I didn't get a "D" on the assignment that was fine with me. The teacher loved them and told me to draw more of them if I wanted an "A" in the class. In a few months I was hooked.


Ever since I was a kid I was more interested in animals than I was people. My first love was insects, and that interest later evolved into frogs, lizards, cats, dogs, horses, etc, until it branched out and I became aware of all the animals around me, and appreciated them for what they were. I've never been without a pet since my very first one (which was a rhinoceros beetle), and my entire working history has revolved around animals of all kinds (both wild and domestic).

My interest in art paralleled my passion for animals, and so I was of course always doodling dogs and koalas and horses and dinosaurs everywhere.

Then I found the internet and once I started scanning pictures of animals and uploading them, people requested that I draw pictures of their "feral characters," so I obliged... Later on more requests for "furries" and "werewolves" popped up, so I drew those too, and that's how I learned about furiness.



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sonic and of course SWAT KATS!!!