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What originally got you into Furries?


Can't say there was a time in my life when I wasn't one by definition.

So... Pretty much them moment I first tripped upon the VCL.


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Disney before Assner got hold of it.

And Final Fantasy IX.

FUCK YEAH FFIX. After that, I was obsessed with wanting a tail lol. Lots of stuff with that, mostly loving all animals to death. =3


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well, it's a mix of things...I love Cats yet my Furry isn't one....Then there's my "Surrogate" Big Brother, Who's a Fox, and a Man i "thought" i loved...Who is a Coyote....*shrugs* i guess my Desire to be closer to the ones i love Brought me into the fandom that helped me to discover myself....
I've always liked anthropomorphic cartoons. I think I can trace it all the way back to The Secret of NIHM. It didn't really sink in though until I saw Space Jam and thought Lola was hot... >_> I kind of bottled that up. (It's not just the sexual element, though. I just find anthro charecters more relatable for some odd reason.) It wasn't until recently that I discovered the furry community by way of Deviant Art. I noticed that I was watching a ton of anthro arters and really enjoying their work and I found my way here somehow.

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I couldn't say exactly.. A combination of things.. Disney (Robin Hood, et al), other cartoons, the intarwebs, various perversions.. I remember dreaming about furries way back when I was a kid. But I didn't discover my own fursona until I joined Second Life.. Now, I'm not letting go of it..

This is who I am..


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I think it's always been inside me, this sort of desire to be something other than human.

In RP, I'd always persuade the DM to let me play a character type other than the stock D&D group, instead sometimes developing something from the Monster Manuals or something. When I finally developed a rakshasa character, that's when I think my fursona was conceived.

When I found Yiffstar, that's when I finally took the plunge into the fandom, and I've never really looked back.

That enough of an explanation? Did it make sense?


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I think what got me into the fandom was my love for animals. Also the general friendly atmosphere that is radiated by most furries matched that of my own ^.^

Midi Bear

Ever since childhood I've wondered what it'd be like to be an anthro and live amongst other anthros and stuff. Kind of a life-long fascination that only this year finding out what a furry is and stuff.


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I watched randomly anime, and ended up with Onmyou Taisenki and it's main character, Kogenta, who was a anthro cat ¬.¬ even though he denies the cat part. It's basicly this that got me into furries ^^


Was blindly looking around the internet one day and saw a furry picture and thought, "What the Hell is that?!" O.O I found more and I just got sucked in.


I never saw furry, I just see animal people. I don't see some huge lifestyle change or some sort of "cult" or whatever people do with it.
What probably hooked me was Kye Sempai's art when Skunked dot com was an artist portal(in like 1999 2000?).
It was a complete fluke how I ran into it.


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The animated version of 'The Sword in the Stone'. I will always love that movie!


Honestly, I did not truly become a furry/scaly till I guess I was about 22-23 - around there. It was about the time my 3 year long relationship with a guy ended (let's just say the guy did not like the fact that I like TMNT so much or scalies in general).

Soon after I started going back to my TMNT obsession and I've been hooked since (Probably because of the relationship I was away from the fandom for 3 years about!).

Plus watching a lot of Disney movies from childhood seemed to have boosted that up too.

So basically, TMNT and Disney is what got me into furries.




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Pretty much growing up watching all the obvious movies with Anthro characters. Add in a little internet and bam.