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What originally got you into Furries?



i guess it had to be watching the disneys robin hood and seeing adams wan art work for the first time and after that i was hooked


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I was a /b/tard that didn't know what furries were, even though I watched like 400 different artists on DA that could be considered furry artists. I didn't understand why everyone hated "furfags", and did some investigation, and discovered that I like furry art and literature(and felicia from darkstalkers/a lot of capcom games). I am still a /b/tard, but am one of the over 9000 furries/furry-leaning that are also /b/tards.


^ Absolutely. Me too. It's too bad his new games aren't quite up to snuff.


The art and the uniqueness of the culture.
Hmm. Well, I have always LOVED animals and when I was really little I totally digged talking animals after watching Dr. Dolittle. And of course cartoons such as All Dogs Go To Heaven, Secret of NIMH, Lion King, The Jungle Book, etc. I loved how they made human facial expressions and gestures, which got me into drawing mostly art in the first place just when I started to pick up pencils and scribble. You can say I have really been a 'furry' at heart. Later in my very early childhood I loved pretending I was an animal of some sort with friends and all. Of course I don't seriously think that I am seriously a red panda or anything NOW, but I still love to draw anthro art and see anthro art, whereever, whenever.
I blame my furfaggotude wholly on Katt from Breath of Fire 2.

Either that or Teddy Ruxpin, but god I hope not. That would be way too weird.


~Such a Rush~
I place the entirety of the blame on MoroQ's Espeon pic on AGNPH, and Google's tourettes when I searched for 'Espeon's secret' (a non furry RP board).


I think it started in the 80s with "Thundercats", and "The Visionaries"... From there it moved to Swat Cats, and then I discovered a few animes (puma sisters anyone?). When I played D&D I always had some sort of feral element to me characters (clawed gauntlets, shapshifting, Lycanthropy), and finally I discovered the fandom about 8 years back(maybe more) when I started watching Shinigamigirl and K'sharra... The mentality was there, but those two were my "gateway" drugs into the fandom (VCL->FA->and beyond)...


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Two things...having Starfinder in the same high school as me while simultaneously spending time on the now-defunct Awereness Forums exploring my therianthropy led me to discovering what furry was. That and I blame D&D. -_-


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Vore. yes vore got me intreasted in furries, and gradually seeing fat animals as well


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Well the name speaks for Itself.
What did get you Into furries?

Whether It start in your childhood days or your love for furry animals...Post up.

For me I'd say it would have to be after watching Robinhood (The furry version), and maybe because my favorite animal was foxes at the time.
and maybe after playing Melee and using Fox constantly. good times...

Tails prower, and if you call him miles I will slap the guy at sega for giving him that name or you , ( take a pick )

Wontoon Kangaroo

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The small selection of cartoons, and my imagination.

No, really, my imagination. :D
I was into the fat furry anthropomorphic animals before I even knew what "furry" was. And yet, all it took was time alone and a Google search for fat animals.

And henceforth, I was corrupted by the search engine forever. :D


Crazy Kat!
During my childhood, I enjoyed watching cartoon animals and yes, Disney included. I also liked to pretend that I was an animal while playing with the neighbor's kids. I even draw animals a lot and I couldn't draw humans WAY back then. (Sadly, the elementary school kids bashed me for not drawing humans.)

I wasn't fully aware of the adult nature of furries after I saw the movie Fritz the Cat. Funny thing is I haven't heard of the term yiff after I've saw the infamous "Fur and Loathing" episode of CSI.