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What originally got you into Furries?


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back in 2002 I stumbled into the art of Goldenwolf/Kyoht/DarkNatasha. I thought it was the coolest shit. I wanted in on that.

And here I am. Still.


Twas a big fan of Sonic growing up.

Had a little OC named LANCe and I was watching Somco a lot. Became a god at making shitty sprite animations. (12 yrs)

2 years later ran into e621.

Another year: into GamingFurever and Furaffinity.

Only started being active when I joined FAF (here)



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The fact that my only friends during middle school was my dogs, and that middle school has so far been the worst years for me. No wonder I became a furry.


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The accdintal discovery of the furry fandom and the word "Anthropomorphic" little less than a year ago while browsing deviantart for FNAF fan art. More on that in the other thread.


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My girlfriend. We were roleplaying some post apo stuff on a blog few years ago and started to talk about how we created our characters. She told us that her character is from old role play bout animals morphing into humans and bang. Hunter x fox ship is sailing.


Games and friends. I found some nice people who were In to the fandom. And so many fantasy games with beast races!

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A strange combination of Madagascar, Krypto the Superdog, puberty, and accidentally watching "Smokey & The Bandit III". Oh yeah, and darkduck64's fursona, Janice the Border Collie, which was (in a roundabout way) how I discovered FurAffinity.


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To be honest i got into it because of... cringe compilations!!
A lot of them were just people messing around in awesome fursuits, which i didn't find cringy at all :)

So... after watching thme for a while i got really interested.


To be honest i got into it because of... cringe compilations!!
A lot of them were just people messing around in awesome fursuits, which i didn't find cringy at all :)

So... after watching thme for a while i got really interested.

We hace fun and therefore someones day is ruined. Laws of nature


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Primarily SWAT Kats, The Rescuers, and The Great Mouse Detective as a child. Later I discovered the Lackadaisy Cats webcomic but never admitted to myself that I was a furry fully till about a year or so ago.


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originally it was this game called Toontown, where I played as a toon and was in a clan called Fireball Clan(i think you guys would LOVE toontown because it has animals for the toons that you play) and in fireball clan, we had a lot of clan art where we drew our toons and they looked just like furries kinda in a sense. so when i joined midnight clan 2 years ago and did my first ever rp, i shaped my character as a furry practically because i thought about toontown - and i didnt even know that he could be labeled as a cat furry! <3 LOL


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I've never thought about it in some serious way, but when I was a young teenager I've searched a lot of images on google of Sonic and other toons and then I was redirected onto Deviantart page where I saw anthros for the first time. I liked the concept of animal with human bodies but back then I didn't know that it calls furry or anthropomorphic art. :) That's how I was introduced into furry art, a few years later I've discovered NSFW arts of anthros and I liked it a lot. :D


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A few months ago, I thought I was a furry, but then I realized that I just think non-human fictional races are cool in general. I stick around because the people here are nice.


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I don't really classify myself as a furry, I only make up for a quarter percentage.

Mainly it's the artwork, I admire the detail and imagination that is poured into the style that projects wonderful imagery of a furry drawing.

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I've had a great interest in anthropomorphic animals ever since I was a young child. I remember seeing shows like Redwall and Between the Lions on PBS Kids. I didn't really understand Redwall since I was so young, but I liked Martin the Warrior. Lionel was my favorite character on BtL (had no idea that he was only seven, though; His voice was too deep for a seven-year-old. XD ).
I also have a love for animals; they're just so interesting to learn about and many of them are so cute!

I didn't confirm myself as a furry until just a few months ago when I stopped looking at the negative side of the fandom and realized that I'm a lot like you guys (as the general definition of a furry- Admiring anthropomorphic animals in artistic ways).

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I'm older than video games, RPGs and all but vacuum tube computers. I have had dreams of being something other than human for decades. Flying is a recurring part of those dreams, as well as glimpses of my own body at times. Unfortunately I have not once caught my reflection in my dreams, so I don't know what my face looks like.

I have only recently discovered the resources available to folks like me, such as this site. The information age makes finding others much easier; at least to correspond with. It's still hard to meet others face-to face this way, but at least it opens up the possibility of meeting.

To those who grew up with the a keyboard in your hands, just remember that the world beyond the screen is worth visiting now and then; even in the body you find yourself in.
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I don't really see it as 'oh shit I'm a furry' but rather doing research, signing up to websites and stuff and thinking 'yeah! I belong here, with these people.' You choose to identify as a furry, let's be honest.

But for me it was just how awesome the anthro cartoon characters were when I was younger. I loved the Ninja Turtles a lot, and a few others I can't remember.