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What originally got you into Furries?


I think it was my interest in mythical creatures that first exposed me to furry artwork probably while I was in middle school. I had previously not had much exposure to anthropomorphic animals in media, and found the mixing of human and animal very interesting, as I had in the mythical creatures before, and so I started drawing some rather bad anthro art and following various artists.


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Well, I've always been super interested in anthros and animals back when I was a kid- when I was about 11/12, my best friend in school introduced me to the "furry fandom" and fA in particular, and I got sucked way in, and have been a furry for the last... 10 years ahah.

I played a lot of animal and creature based video games as a child; Pokémon, Spyro, Crash, Digimon, etc and watched a lot of animal-based shows and movies, so I don't think that helped matters.




I pretended to be a dog a lot when I was a kid, and then a few years ago I stumbled across IMVU and made an animal "anthro" character on there. Then, three years ago, I figured out just what a furry was and got involved with the community.


I never felt I was "human". As far back as I can remember I always felt I was born in the body of the wrong species. I was never sure which species I was "supposed" to be, just not human.


I was on night watch with a friend on the ship for 12 hours. he got really excited telling a story and he knocked over a notebook onto the floor. A pile of fury porn came out and after a moment of shocked confusion, I was introduced to the furry fandom. Hooray for happy accidents :p


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To be honest, I've always kinda been there. I related more to animals, even when I was very young, and drew them as much as I could. Before I even knew what a fursona was, I had an animal character to represent myself. I think I was only like, five? It was a grey wolf with white spots around the eyes and a white belly, rofl. When I was about 12, I found out about "fursonas" and realized that I had already had several over the years. At 14, I attended my first furmeet, and it took off from there. I'm 23 now, so I guess I've been in the fandom pretty much forever, but consciously since I was 14. Nearly a decade, woohoo!


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Started with the Redwall series. That led me to some online fan communities and the works of one particular artist that I absolutely fell in love with. Her art inspired me so much I started drawing on my own and never really stopped since. Later I joined Furcadia, which is a whole other realm of fun and drama.

Fell out of the fandom after a while because life happened and I needed to do other things for a bit. Life is still happening, but I'm starting to reconnect with the old inspirations again. Still love creating furry artwork and characters after all this time.


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I grew up in an environment heavily populated with animals and was always much more interested in them than people, not to mention media like warrior cats, redwall, watership down etc. but I always associated more with animals and never really fit in very well with other humans socially. Humans are selfish and constantly let you down, break commitments, leave you in the dirt, but a dog, a cat, a rat, an animal you have befriended will listen, will be there for you, will show they care and not get caught up in the little things, theres not so much drama as there is just being okay

not to mention animals are so much more unique and interesting in appearance and ability than squishy flesh people


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As far as the whole anthropomorphic animal thing goes, basically cartoons and mythology. Disney, Looney Toons, Tex Avery, all that good stuff a lot of kids grew up on.

As far as furry culture is concerned, eh... Always been darting around the edges of that.


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I've just always loved anthro characters. Then one day my sister was like, "be careful, or people will think you're a furry." And I was like, "what's a furry?"

Then years later I met furry friends and discovered that the fandom was pretty cool. So I became an official member of the furry world! :D


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Not gonna lie, I found out about furries on a My Strange Addiction episode with that horrid looking pink and white fursuit. I was absolutely fascinated, lol.

However, since I was itty bitty I loved to draw and write about fantastical animals, and it's great to be in a massive community with the same hobby.


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I loved pretty much everything sci-fi/fantasy growing up including mythical creatures like werewolves. I think it was Goldenwolf's art I stumbled upon and somehow got linked from there to other furry galleries, or saw some more typical furry characters on her site.

The first "furry" thing I ever saw whether or not I knew about the fandom was probably The Lion King. I loved everything down to those themed Hershey's bars.


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Well ever since I was a little kid I related more with animals than I did with humans. Kids used to make fun of me in elementary by barking/meowing at me and asking if I thought I was a cat or a dog. It was never just one or the other xD But I wouldn't really call that being a 'Furry' because I was more keen towards feral animals than I was Anthromorphic.

Also when I was really little I would actually try and eat cat food and dog food, eat news papers, tie myself up and play out senerios where I was being bad and had to be tied up outside to repent. I'm a little ashamed to say I used to even chew on dog bones xD Was REALLY out there x.o I don't and wouldn't do all that now, though.

My first real introduction to Furry's was through Furcadia. I liked RPG's and wanted to find a free RPG to play on my computer. This was way back in 2002, when I was 16. Furcadia was the highest rated mmorpg at the time, believe it or not xD, mainly because it was the best you could play with dial-up, which a majority of people had. It'd take an hour almost just to watch something on YouTube, it was that bad, so people had to find amusement somewhere on the Internet. I got to say I miss those days cause people were WAY more interactive with one another than they are now. WAY!
Still yet I was more partial to the feral dreams than the Furry ones.
Furcadia was probably the reason why a lot from my generation to get into the fandom xD

I didn't actually become a little more interested in the actual fandom until last year xD Liking the Anthro's a bit more.


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