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What painting program do you use?

CS2, from when Adobe had the keys posted online. Technically only for "proper" customers, but hey if you're gonna give me a valid Photoshop key...

Denny Crane

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What, no one uses SAI? It's a great program for lineart, and it's actually affordable, unlike Photoshop. It's very popular among anime artists, I believe.


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I use Sai and Photoshop.. slowly trying to transition into Photoshop. I like Sai for sketching and basic stuff, but Photoshop is just fantastic for that nice smooth painted look.. Sai I feel is too digital if that makes sense.


I've been using Adobe Photoshop for 12 years, I'm on CS 6 right now. I use Adobe illustrator CS 6 as well.

I don't use anything else much.


I use photoshop. But if your on a tight budget a nice free sketching tool you might enjoy is called MyPaint. Also there is a free painter like program called Krita. both work in linux and windows.


I use SAI and PS cs6 extended, for some reason my tablet doesn't allow me to work with PS (painting) so i do it on sai, now i use PS for text.
Same here. I've got a bunch of other programs installed on my computer, but I use ArtRage the most. It's kind of similar to GIMP, which is what I started with, so I'm glad for the similarity.


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Since I prefer to use a stylus, I use Colours! 3D on the 3DS.

Nice little bit of software. It's got layers, a colour wheel, different brushes, transparency, the ability to put an image in the background for reference, and you can make images with large dimensions.
It does lack certain things, mind. No selection tool, no shape tool, no line tool, no text tool and you're limited to 5 layers.


SAI for smooth digital drawings
Photoshop for pixels and re-sizing (since sai crops off from the image instead of re-sizing -.-')

You can resize in SAI. You have to go to Change Resolution and edit the height and width, and make sure to check the "Constrain Proportions" box to maintain the aspect ratio. Going to Change Size only alters the size of the canvas, which is why your images get cropped when you make it smaller.


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I use Photoshop CS6 mostly. I also have Manga Studios but only use it if I'm doing a comic. I wish I could use SAI unfortunately I think its only for Windows and I have a Mac. :(


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GIMP for line art because it has smoothing controls, Photoshop for coloring and painting