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What personality traits do you associate with various colors?


Paragon of the Flawed
It's an interesting thought I'd had recently about what certain colors make people think of regarding what they reflect on those who wear (or are) them. People often take on specific associations between who someone is and what colors they like. Various reactions and mentalities belonging to specific colors or color groups. Red being associated with anger or confidence, or yellow being contented or laid-back-natures.

In short - if I said "Blue", what sort of person does that make you think of? What they'd like and be like? Feel free to pick any color you want. And give as much detail as you can, your ideas are why I made the thread!

I'll do a few of my favorites, here:
Lavender - Caring, concerned, nervous. Someone who listens to problems and offers support, often times at their own expense. Generally quiet but kindhearted, and expresses themselves in earnest when the subject is one they know and are passionate about.
Bright Green - Excitable, inspired, abstract. A person who'd spend hours on something they love and not notice as time flies by. Put off by negativity, but quick to correct and amend in both their own work and others. More focused on the ideas and intent than final products.
Cyan - Sharp, witty, realistic. Commonly uses sarcasm, but genuinely wants to help with criticism and flaw-finding. Quick to annoyance, and quick to affront - though, most often they'll calm down once they understand the reasoning. Can occasionally overstep boundaries without intending to, but are just as likely to take offense to your offense as to be sorry for it.

I imagine you get the idea now - go on, then! Show your colors, hah!


Noble ze Arctic Wolf
i see all of the neon colors as potent versions of their more plain brothers.
i associate yellow with infection because i hate yellow :>
blue can range from sad to excited
red ranges from anger and general negativity to kind and loving (i'm counting pink as a shade of red)
purple seems like a color of worry
green i'm going to call calm
brown is bored
white is kind of a blank slate, but in the right situations, (EX: snowy environments) it can seem lonely
black i would call depressed?


To Kill the Child; to Set the Adult Free
White contains no reason and no borders. One can stare at the color white and see all of the universe.

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
Never put much though into that, but for some colors:
Blue: Intuitive, thoughtful
Red: Aggression, energy
Green: Simple, connected
Yellow: Happiness, playfulness
Orange: Alert, awareness
Pink: Obnoxious. I can't stand pink.
Brown: Rooted, stability
Purple: Rebellion, uniqueness


Mage of Void, dammit.
black: dark; sometimes misguided; hardened; not always evil.
red: angry; sometimes passionate; hot-headed
blue: This depends on the shade:
  • normal blue: Pensive; intelligent.
  • light blue: free-spirited; lighthearted.
white: a blank canvas; inexperienced; openness of mind.
green: Caring; motherly; Not a creative color (see wut i did there lelelelelelelel?)
purple: regal; strong; wise.
orange: in all honesty, f*** orange. I hate it. More than brown. At least brown goes with green.
yellow: fast; intelligent; cunning.
silver: IT'S NO USE!!! IT'S NO USE!!! IT'S NO F@CKING USE!!!!
rainbows: a wild card; unpredictable; a sh!t OC.
pink: friendly; comedic; could be a hidden badass (I mean seriously think. Most pink Power Rangers were AWESOME! Lost Galaxy. 'nuff said.)


To Kill the Child; to Set the Adult Free
Red contains the human soul and is the most passionate of colors.

Blue is the color of death and reflects our mortality.

Black contains all reason and fear and controls our destiny.

Pink is actually a violent, almost perverted color in my opinion and deeply reflects human angst. I feel that if our blood was pink instead of red it would make more sense because it's more dramatic than red but our brains are so accustomed to seeing red so we start to be afraid of red more and that's the color we see as sort of an "angry" color or whatever when red has a lot more to show us.
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Its not the human race, its just the human race
Brown is the color of my butt.
Blue is the color of my butt when its sad.
Red is the color of your butt.
Orange is the color of my nemesis.
Yellow is obviously pee color haven't you guys been to pre-k?
Green is the color of iguanna butts.
Purple is the color of alien butts.
Pink is the color of a manly man who lifts weights and is a responsible father who loves his wife but finds that his life as he knows it ends because of nuclear bombings that turns the world into a wasteland where everyone only cares for themselves and often resort to cannibalism thus learning how human flesh tastes causing a craving for flesh that is making people completely insane leading to a war between the still sane minority and the insane majority. Also its the color for breast cancer.
Black is the color that for some reason I hear on a daily basis, I can't figure out why.
White is the color of the majority of the population of the USA and the reason why the native americans are riporonies <


Its not the human race, its just the human race


Paragon of the Flawed
Well. Aside from the obvious jokes (and memes), these are some interesting ideas. I hadn't realized people disliked orange so much - I find it to be associated with intellect and spontaneity, as well as a level of reservedness that keeps it seeming distant...
Also, Cannabiskitty, I agree that red isn't so much of an angry color - Though I don't attribute anger to pink. I've always considered this shade of blue (Electric blue(?)) to be more frustrated or angry. Fury is a hateful hue, and for some reason that destructive nature is something I connect to that color.


Mage of Void, dammit.
>White is the color of the majority of the population of the USA and the reason why the native americans are riporonies <