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What phone do you own?


Lazy Artist
I don't have a phone. I use my 3DS for texting. I don't have to pay anything for it to run. :p

I want one mainly so I can get it a cool phone case. ._.


The Real Wheels of Steel
LG EnV Touch

I hang on to it due to a well-grandfathered "wireless web" access that consts only half ($15/mo) that of a typical smartphone data plan and is allegedly unlimited. Which I didn't get to test 'cause YouTube modified its pages to require a version of Flash higher than my phone has. Ironically, YT still hosts 3GP video files which my phone can play--it just can't reach them through the Flash wrapper.

I strongly suspect VZW wants me off that phone--it recently offered me a 6GB data plan for the usual $30/mo extra if I upgrade to a smartphone. I'm not averse to having one--I'm eyeing the Galaxy Note 2 (or maybe 3, since it's supposed to ship in October)--I'm just making a point of being "cheap" and not wanting to pay $80+ a month as opposed to the $65 I am now.

Rocking a Motorola SLVR L2 from '06. Still has the orange Cingular guy on the back. Does calls, texts, alarms, mild calculations, and some internet capability (but I don't use it).

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
Zubat \:3/

Haha, shit, I'm fairly sure we have one at home too... somewhere!
Damn right zubat!
I had that sticker for ages then I got my razr and was like "stick!". I think I got that phone back in 2004ish.


Forever done
Got me a Samsung Galaxy 3S.
Expensive little shit but the most reliable phone I've ever had.
I guess I'd say that, considering my history of phones have been hand-me-down. ._.


Just got my LG Optimus L9 a week ago with my birthday money.


I call it the inviso-phone, it's so invisible its like its non-existent. In reality I actually don't have a phone, been meaning to get one, but never got around to.
Some cheap flip phone.

I don't know. I never really wanted my own phone in the first place. I hate talking on phones and I don't really have anyone to talk to anyway.


I still have the 1990s "brick" cellphone, it's in my old closet at my parents' home. It would still work, too, if we could find a working internal battery.

But I use an AT&T smartphone with Internet capabilities and a very needy battery.


In the land of bipolar weather
I use a Pantech Matrix. I've had it for quite a while, still works so I see no need to change it.

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
Droid M. It has EMULATORS!


6150 rpm and spinning.
Galaxy S4.


Lady of the lake
iPhone 4S. Got is for $100 upgrade. Pretty cheap for a quality smartphone.

How much do you pay every month? No one gives you a $400-$500 phone for 100 bucks :p I manage a store like that myself, I know these things work out.

Galaxy S4.



GTWT Survivor
I have a Galaxy S2 right now. It only has 3G, but I don't use it for data much anyway; and it does everything else just fine. My main complaint is with it still running a slightly buggy Gingerbread, but I can get that taken care of anyway.


Galaxy S3. I had the Iphone 4S but hated the network I had (sprint). After getting my new job, got preferred employer discount with Verizon, so I went with them and got the Galaxy S3 for 50 bucks.