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What pokemon would you be?


is the prettiest pony~
Oh, and I'd be a Murkrow, I guess.

That one should have been obvious.


The hell am I reading, here?
obviously I am a pachirisu

I better be getting an evolution in white/black dammit

pikachu always had an evolution what is this bullshit


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Oh hey, black/white has a eagle pokemon, maybe this time around the pokemon won't look so retarded this time...
*looks at rest of other released ones*
Nvm, they look stupid.


The hell am I reading, here?
The water starter is some clown-faced beaver, and the grass starter is some smug prick-looking thing

These actually look much better..
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They really ran out of names for Pokemon. Though I guess they were kinda failing around Ruby/Sapphire.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm


no because fucking furfags enjoy talking about their murrsonas

My 'sona's much bigger than yo's!

Either way, I'd wanna be Blaziken. He was my first level 100 on Ruby xD [it's the only Pokemon game I've played 'cept for Crystal].