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What pokemon would you be?


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Pokemon is a stupid kids game and you should all feel terrible for playing it.

That said I'd be a Lucario. I look so yiffable but try to give me a hug and you'll get impaled by my chest spike.


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I would probably be a Lucario due to the fact it was in a dream. My pimp smack tears open faces. :v


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Wait... isn't guilmon a digimon...? 0__o

lol, this was my first thought

pokemon I suppose I would be eevee, I'm a jack of all trades

Digimon I havent watched much, Guilmon had a similar silly sense of humor


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This would be more fitting to go in Three Frags Left or Forum Games but whatever. I would probably be Lapras or Lantern. Both are my favorites (both 100 too) when I still had the games.


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Hehe... For me it'd have to be Houndoom, quick to anger, hot headed, and will delight in watching whoever pisses me off die in a slow methodical way. *grin*


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I've never seen or had any pokemon cards, so I wouldn't know, shun me if you want...