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What religion are you?

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Justin Bieber Apologist
I remember when I made a religion thread. It got about 8 pages or something like that. Because I can't force myself to give a crap, I'm just going to assume any religious butthurt either A) didn't happen, or B) didn't happen.

I'm a Catholic, even though my very existence is probably hated by my Church. Y'know, seeing how I'm possessed and all that. Not to mention I'm presently with a guy, abortion isn't the worst thing ever, etc...

Verin Asper

The Smart Idiot
Agnostic. Whether there's a higher being (or beings) or not ultimately has no effect on my life.

If God DOES exist, I think he is nothing more than an impartial observer now.
God is on a coffee break maybe...would explain why there havent been any interfering


No-talent .hack//SIGN
Is Shenzi just a slob like one of us; perhaps a stranger on a bus, trying to make her way home?

Hakar Kerarmor

I'm a Pastafarian.


Will yiff under pressure
Buddhist, the most peaceful religion i knew, know and will know.
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Fat-Roll Spelunker
I meant his daughter (can't remember her name) but yes, Ozzy is no longer the prince of darkness like he once was. :(

Actually, that wasn't his daughter. Just had the same last name (not like Osborne isnt an uncommon name, really).

And about the Ozz-man himself...yah...unfortunate, but yes. He doesnt even bother to try to write his own music anymore. But, his old stuff is brilliant!

There is hope on the Sabbath front though...er, ahh, that is Heaven And Hell (please don't sue me Sharon!!!). There putting out a new record with Dio this year. Dio, though he looks older than dirt (he's actually amlost 10 years Ozzie's senior!), he still sounds amazing live, and recorded. So does Judas Priests' Rob Halford....guess thats the difference of many years of drug and alcohol abuse as opposed to those who use in more moderation.

Well...that said, I still need a drink!

Sorry for the OT ramble...I'm just bored.
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