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What role would the person above be casted in?


The whimsical clown
Main heroine


Shekel collector
A pedestrian

The "Shy" Dragon

nervous dragon or smth
A blue frog that is having fun.... idk what else.
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Professional Watermelon Farmer
The new mascot for Hatfield Pork Products. (actually, whatever happened to the Hatfield Pig? They seem to have removed said pig from all packaging! Unless...said pig...was...*gulp*...*gasp*...packaged)



Professional Watermelon Farmer
(Curious, I do enjoy a good deal of Jazz, especially 1930s-1960s...just need to play an instrument!)

Let's see, for the cyber-dragon:

The only household appliance I'll ever need! Combination dish-washer, vacuum, floor scrubber, window-cleaner, washer-drier, toaster, oven, microwave, food-processor, BBQ grill, and juicer.


Sow of Substance
The waiter in an anthropomorphic cocktail lounge where all the characters morph into different species depending on what the are drinking.


Resident Stone Age Fox
The edgy antagonist in the romantic anime


Resident Stone Age Fox
An extra who gets stabbed by winged hussars in a Sabaton music video.


Late Healer Ferret
An extra in a school drama