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What RPG/D&D class is your Sona?

Which of the main classes are you?

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I often wondered this when looking at people's sonas on the forums and fandom in general. There are many classes to choose from in D&D and while you may have played the game yourself as a preferred class, what class would your fursona choose in this world of adventure, monsters, and magic?

Character class (Dungeons & Dragons) - Wikipedia

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard

My sona, Nexus, would most likely a Paladin.

.... "Paladin is thus typically a Warrior character first and foremost, proficient with heavy arms and armor. Yet at the same time a Paladin is gifted with blessings or magical capabilities such as healing, protection, and countering evil magic (including undead), albeit to a lesser degree than a true priest or cleric. Their outlook would typically be that of a militant defender of faith, sometimes crossing over into cleric, missionary, zealot, or inquisitor territory. Their alignment is almost always lawful good"

I'd love to hear everyone else's class for their sonas. I might set up an RPG game just for this if we get enough respondents in the thread.

Not only that, but feel free to discuss your sona's perks, abilities, spells, and weaknesses.


road warrior
I've not played D&D but from the quick class summaries Wikipedia provides, my 'sona would be a Ranger. It fits his lore of being someone who's proficient at handling high-powered rifles.

Plus he's a sneaky boyo.

Firuthi Dragovic

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Two possibilities for Firuthi:
1) A wizard - justified by his technical expertise (high Intelligence needed), low-end elemental magic, and overexplaining tendencies (seriously, how many wizards tend to dump Charisma?).
2) A cleric - better equipment proficiencies, they get spells that better represent the whole 'war form' thing, and better overall durability.


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Arcane trickster
I could use the mighty spell...
Prestidigitation to ruin your socks and underwear.
Plus I always like extra stuff besides tools to use.


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If you dont count Necromancer as it’s own thing, some systems count it under cleric some under wizard/sorcerer. So it depends really.


I don't think any of them matches perfectly, but paladin with ancient oath seems closest. My sona's species is more of a battlemage who is not afraid to brawl with strong spirit powers (which could translate into other worlds as powers of light).

Jackpot Raccuki

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I want to say Wizard because Like is the kind of guy who'd observe the enemy for weak points and go for it, but he's also like a Sorcerer in that he's flexible.
Also like it says in the Sorcerer 3rd edition handbook about what Sorcerers think of Wizards, Like is pretty much distant, but not obsessive.

So I'd go with wizard, but he's the kind of wizard who shouldn't be underestimated in melee combat.

Although with non-DnD stuff he's more of a battlemage, but that's mostly because his build let's him do that more efficiently... Basically he's the support whose with the up front attackers and can help draw aggro coz magic bad.


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"Druids have a unique ability that allows them to change into various animal forms..."

Well. Guess I'm a druid then.


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Warrior. Y'all need a tank! And I wear a pot on my head for this sort of occasion!

blue sky love


Being Chaotic Good and God's child, I use both divine and arcane magic

Edit: no i... ugh i meant we are all God's children


I haven't played D&D as my fursona, but quickly going through the classes again, I think I would see Fern most being a Druid. Since they mainly inhabit a place where there are a lot of forests, fields, and other nature-related and scenic places with not really much civilization normally (there can generally be anything though since they live in this sort of made up "dream world" place they created . . . if that makes any sense).


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I actually have a d&d sona that's a Paladin. My main Sona I'd say would probably be a barbarian because literally the only thing better than throwing a God teir amount of holy magick at an enemy is getting mad and swinging that great axe.

Deleted member 111470

Neutral evil Rogue.

Rimna is slim, agile and dexterous - a perfect thief. Deadly with knives/daggers, but he prefers to avoid bloodshed, so he relies on stealth to move around and relieve the rich folk from their heavy burden of opulence.

He can work with others but prefers to be alone in his ventures. He is the type to abandon the team if things get heated, hence the neutral evil trait.