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what`s your say on Tf art

what`s your say on tf art

  • not into it

    Votes: 18 28.1%
  • i like it

    Votes: 28 43.8%
  • i get it just not into it

    Votes: 18 28.1%

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i am now on https://www.anthrodex.com
what`s your say on tf art
I like it I know it`s not all your cap of tie
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Honestly? I haven't really seen that much of it. Kinda thought I would coming into the fandom. Of the tf art I have seen, most of it is low-to-average quality from an art perspective.

I do like transformation themes in writing if it's handled well, but not so much in art, from the limited examples I've seen.


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It varies a lot and "transformation" can span a lot of things. Hell, even the WG/MG art can be considered "transformation" in some cases (especially since so many people also make the characters taller for some reason too). But in my experience, it really varies. It's not something I really go after and it has to be something that really gets my attention.


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Honestly, i didnt have a clue today until i had to search it up.
I mean, i get it, but it's not my cup of tea of interest in my opinion.
You like what you like, and i like how people come up with this stuff.
So, really it's cool i get it, but i'm not interested in it.


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Don't like it. Some stuff can be tolerable or even good in rare cases, but it seems a lot of it is just too fetishy for me.


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I really love the idea of species transformation, especially in a cute yet devious way! It works really well in RPs, and also, can be really fun just to zip foxes into skunk onesies :p

The art varies; there's some I really like, but as with a lot of furry art, it's a mixed bag. But as a concept, it's been tons of fun...just as it can be fun to identify with your species/character in terms of being a furry, it can be exciting to imagine that changing, temporarily or otherwise : )

*looks around for @Ravofox and whistles innocently, holding a magical MLP onesie* :p


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Transformation is my main go to and I look for it frequently. I strongly prefer stories, but I am appreciative of well done art. I will happily read/view all variations of different animal ones (not too big in TG, AR (unless it’s an adult human into an adult animal and then into cub) or weight gain), but I do have a strong preference for cat TF’s (can be domestic or wild) and while I gravitate towards feral tf’s, anthro ones are awesome too.

Part of the appeal is that typically the one being changed isn’t willing/expecting it so a good writer/artist has to capture their reactions. They are usually scared, but occasionally you get an angry one.

Of course, I also really, really love voluntary ones too. I find myself imagining myself as the one being TF’ed into whatever animal is in the story and I feel like I’m being taken for a ride.

I do notice that frequently there is immediately sex with an actual animal that is the same that the person just got changed into. That part, I could take it or leave it in the case of involuntary transformations (though if done right, that part is also fun), though I do really enjoy it sometimes if the change is voluntary.

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I find some of it hilarious, but only hilarious. At first, I thought it was made for comedic purposes. Boy was I wrong!


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I don't personally have an affinity for it, but I can understand why some people like it. I don't much care for it, but If I was interested in anything about it, it's more about the end result than the actual transformation process of it.


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Not my thing really.

But then, there's this strange situation on DeviantArt, where my graphics got semi-popular in circles being into TF-themed photomanipulations. Must be my realistic style which gets their attention. As the results of said photomanipulations and my simulated 3D fur can really look similar. Well, I guess I don't mind, I'm very non-popular as an artist so every little bit counts.

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Shapeshifting can be hot, but your typical transformation fetish art is mostly just weird. Especially when other fetishes get involved (diapers, inflatibles, etc)
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Shapeshifting can be hot, but your typical transformation fetish art is mostly just weird. Especially when other fetishes get involved (diapers, inflatables, etc)

Somebody's been exploring the deepest darkest parts of FA lol.


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It's my main thing. I can understand why people wouldn't like it though. There's some parts of it I don't like.


I like specific TFs, like were-TFs, Gender TFs, Species TFs
Cause that's all I've seen anyways!

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Tf is great if you wanna get rid of all sorts that are tied to your appearance. I sometimes dream of it, but it can't come true as of current technology, it's sad.

Unless this, I'm not really into tf.


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I enjoy it, if we're talking about it outside of the furry fandom. There's always an interesting story to tell since the theme often involves a very personal perspective of the world, and a sudden transformation flips that to either benefit or hurt the transformed.

If we're talking fandom TF, it's a love or hate. It shines in writing, but its over-sexualization can get exhausting. Decent art is hard to find, and most of it is just fucking weird lmao

I'm not innocent in the subject by any means, but I definitely prefer my transformations with a purpose rather than transformations because... transformations.