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what`s your say on Tf art

what`s your say on tf art

  • not into it

    Votes: 18 28.1%
  • i like it

    Votes: 28 43.8%
  • i get it just not into it

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I gotta say the art in transformers comics is pretty good


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WAY to into it for my own good

(Also i think this thread is not too old to comment on, sorry if i am wrong)


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Sry but I dont like it, it says nothing to me...


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TF itself would be cool IRL. I mean, shifting into whatever you want? Sweet.
But TF as a fetish? I don't get it. I don't see how people can get bonies from the actual transition, versus the actual sex-related shenanigan's that take place afterwards.


Hello, Proto
Sometimes I see things where transformation is a part of it, but I never seek it out.
I generally don't have an interest in bodies (as long as they're healthy) and more interested in the act.
That being said, as a fan of cyberpunk, I get the appeal some transformation could have, though I don't see it myself.
Like... putting on a visor and a haptic feedback suit and looking down at yourself and seeing something totally different and FEELING different would no doubt be appealing to tons of people. Transgender, otherkin, etc.

Frank Gulotta

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This is uncannily popular for something bizarrely specific.
It happens. There's practically a whole subgenre based on the drowning scene from aladdin


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I assumed that this thread was about Team Fortress (2.) I am stupid.

The TF2 porn art community was my sexual awakening, not that anyone asked.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Being turned into something hot and frisky does sound fun...


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I have to agree that writing is much better than actual. Most of the time I have seen it (Disney is terrible) is male transformation to female, species transformation, body change, etc, and it is mostly a jump the shark moment. if it's TF for gender change, it is always a jump the shark and always a soft porn moment, regardless. XMEN movies with Mystique circumvents this, to a point, as she is considered naked. Now art is broad, so I am breaking this to literature and illustrated art.

As a concept, it is intriguing. taking one thing, combining it with something else, and seeing the result? Fantastic! I mean, yeah, changing species or taking on traits of another species or person? Yeah, that's got appeal. But it is very hard outside of literature (temp exclusion for storyline comics) to really get this down. Shapeshifters in fantasy, genetic engineering scifi, holodeck, etc - explained and has purpose, not bad. now if it's change for change sake i.e., Out-of-Placers, where the transformation was for really nothing of import and never really explored, then I feel used, objectified, and/or disparaged and that ends that story. Now, if done like Animorphs (power set central to story), or Harry Potters' animagi (Marauders' helping one of their own)- then it's an explored facet of being.

Art? It's fetish-y and more for a sexual gratification and instant hit, and not my cup of tea. No story, no reasoning, just one to the other -it exists. good for a moment and then gone. no enjoyment. no emotion. nothing to care for. it's the equivalent of seeing and hearing of the Statue of David and then seeing it up close and in person. I got more enjoyment from Venice.


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I like it as a storytelling device, specifically in a monster type of way (like a werewolf), if that makes sense. TFs into inanimate objects though just make me laugh lol TG never did much for me either, but I don't see it much anyway, at least not on Furaffinity. It tends to be done better in literature than in visual art, but often the writing is just too overtly sexual, and not in a good way.