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What scares you?


That's not comforting at all, that "I'd been dead for billions of years" argument :v

I'm terrified of dying in my sleep.Like, going to bed and not waking up. When I die, I want to know it's coming.


The only thing is becoming a monster.

I know it won't happen, but when you have no other fears you have to have something.

Not scared of other people, animals, disasters, illness.... You get the idea


PiratePiratePiratePirateP irate
the end of the universe. Meaning if the universe dies from ''heat death'' instead of recreating itself an infinite amount of times.

If the universe DOES recreate itself this means we live multiple infinite lives and that everything exists.

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The only thing that scares me is myself, and the evil that I am capable of.

Ahkrin Descol

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the end of the universe. Meaning if the universe dies from ''heat death'' instead of recreating itself an infinite amount of times.

If the universe DOES recreate itself this means we live multiple infinite lives and that everything exists.


I wouldn't advise reading Maze Runner in that case.


Lost in the Static
Failure...its the one thing I fear more than spiders.
I too am afraid to fail. However, I think spiders are cute.
I don't fear death, I just fear dying young. I view death as eternal slumber, permanent and infinite. It should be a well-deserved rest at the end of a long, happy life, not something that ends life before it really begins. I don't want to live forever, but I also don't want to die too early. Timeliness is key.
And fuzzy mold? Fuck that shit.

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Most certainly above everything else failure...more specifically that I may not be capable of retaining the knowledge necessary for computer science.

Cockroaches and disease of course Ugh !!!

Although I'm not afraid of heights I'm afraid of falling and I'm not at all ashamed of that.

As far as second worst fear....probably how I die.... don't get me wrong I have a very firm faith that I'll go someplace better but that still leaves the question
of how painful the death itself would be :(

So then I'm left hoping the kingdom does come soon. That or the technology to upload my mind comes first in which case I would jump at the opportunity :)

Maelstrom Eyre

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Open water - like, swimming in the ocean or a large lake when I don't know how deep it is. Kind of ironic since my fursona is a merfur. . .I also have my Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification, and have had it since I was a teenager (like. . .twenty years) and never had an issue diving. But if I don't have the gear on, and I can't actually see (no goggles or mask), I don't want to go in past wading depth.

I also don't care for heights when I have nothing to hang on to. Like, when I have to go in our barn's hayloft for something. . .there is an opening in the floor we use to drop the hay down, it has no railing around it and the ceiling slopes so you kind of have to duck and walk close to the edge to get around it. It makes my stomach flip-flop every time. Same way with high edges of cliffs, which is a shame because I love exploring areas with a lot of big cliffs and boulders and canyons and things in RL, but if I get close to an edge I have to hold on to something solid or I get really disoriented.

Ahkrin Descol

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Must say I'm pretty damn scared of attempting my own water cooling system in my computer... if that leaked I'd be very sad indeed


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I can't say I'm very afraid of anything that could happen to ME - In the sense I still feel that natural, survival-instinct fear of serious injury or death when I'm doing something inherently dangerous, but the idea of it doesn't cause me fear, and I haven't frozen up or freaked out in the few deadly situations I've found myself in.

On the other hand, I'm cripplingly afraid of people I love being hurt or killed. It's made me realize that I can live by my own principles as far as I myself am concerned, but when it comes to my girl, my siblings, my parents, friends or anyone else I love, I'd kill or die to save them if I needed to.
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I am afraid of being in a position of helplessness. For example, being in a position of impending harm, or death or insecurity; and not being able to change it or do anything about it.


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My biggest fear is freaking child birth. The entire thought of a living thing growing inside you for 9 months and then...no...just noooo... Even thinking about it creeps me out. I can't look at a pregnant person or a newborn without feeling panicked. If I ever have kids, they're gonna be adopted, dammit. e__e

I'm also afraid of dogs, but I'm trying my best to get over it. I really do like dogs, they just scare me! D:


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Obvious answer is death. Not so much death itself, just the long drawn out process. When it's my time to go I hope it's quick. I'm petrified to go over the course of months/years with my mind clear as to what's happening.

Not obvious answer, my overall happiness in life. I'm about to start a second career after giving up on my first choice relatively quickly. I'm 28 and the thought of working one job for the rest of my life is scary. I know I love the career choice now, but who's to say at 45-50 I'm still happy? I can't exactly get back into my original field then. I just don't want to resent myself and hate my working days when I'm older. That to me is more frightening than death.