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What scares you?

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
Clowns, spiders that land on me, and rejection.

If you're afraid of rejection, imagine how those spiders feel. Rejection for them is often a death sentence. Tough going.

I don't know about what scares me. There are things which make me anxious, places I'd rather not be, and animals I'd rather avoid, but the concept of 'fear' doesn't make a lot of sense to me right now.

I guess if we're talking irrational, I suppose it'd be drugs of any kind; because a friend of mine died of bad drugs and it put me off ever getting involved in that scene.

I also don't like cats at all, and would rather not be in a room with one. Though if there's a cat and it turns out to be a good'un, I'm happy to pet it. But it's like going to the dentist; I know it'll never be as bad as I think, but I still get anxious. I have just known too many excitable cats. Cats play in a really obnoxious way. Like, do you know you're hurting me? You know I don't like to get hurt, right? And then there are 'cute' videos of cats playing - jumping around and trying to scratch people. Is that suppose to look fun or endearing? Because I would just want to throw that cat out of a room. God I hate energetic cats. And I reckon they want you to hate them too; they're doing a bloody good job of making me want to set them free anyway.
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generic doge meme
Radical Larry, flying in airbuses, and south side Chicago.


The Mercenary
The sound of a jehova's witness knocking on my door in an attempt to convert me.


Lost in the Static
Nothing is scarier than my mother.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
I have a crippling fear of failure, and of a life where i've grown content with mediocrity.


The classy Captain Furfag
Last week I found a huge moth laying in a corner at work. Not sure if it was still alive, I blew on it to see if it would react, and the wings split from the body! I literally went D:


Forever done
Pouting dolls and those little pool things with the hose that roll around the bottom and clean the water.


Generic Furry
I have a crippling irrational fear of bees and wasps. I completely lose my mind when one goes near me. Bees have caused me to:

  • Jump out of a moving car.
  • Scratch myself so badly on a beach chair while fleeing that I still have a 4 inch long scar decades later.
  • Drop a cello so hard it cracked and I lost my deposit.
  • Actually get a decent time on the mile run at high school, that I can never replicate again.
  • Abandon items because I couldn't get near them.
  • Almost crash my car multiple times.

And yet the first and only time I got stung was when I was 19 and I didn't panic at all. It's a mystery.


The Mercenary
Foggy weather. It always gives me that spine chilling vibe.


King of the slides!!
Fear was something I had to fight a lot back then

1:I used to be afraid of failure but it still bugs me in a way
2:snakes but I admire them in a way
3:Dolls but I usually forget about it like I start to not care
4:swimming I an area where I can't see underwater or what's in it
5:Last but not least is to stop improving
Poisonous snakes. I'm not really scared of the non-poisonous ones, but when I see a poisonous one, I get really scared.

Used to have a really bad fear of thunder too, but I got over it for the most part. I still get a little nervous whenever there's a thunderstorm, though.


I will deliver the explosion
Spiders, bees, heights in this one specific situation- I have an entryway light in my house that is like 25 feet above the door, and is also over a landing (I have a split-level house). Now the ladder fits perfectly, so I'm literally in no danger, but when I'm on the ladder changing the bulb over the downstairs level... I'm like 40 feet up and NOPE. I'm fine on the side away from it, but not that side. UGH.

Other than that, I like creeping myself out with paranormal stuff, but it doesn't literally scare me.


Whenever someone drives me somewhere or I am somewhere near a road I am unhealthily paranoid. Especially since last week my fear has been strengthened and I can't help but feel very uncomfortable being too close to a trafficated road. I do know that if something can happen it does not mean it necessarily will, but I'm still having a hard time dealing with this fear


I will deliver the explosion
Daaaaaaang Jerry that moth story is creeping me out. I'd be like D8 too. UGH. I missed it my first time through now I wish I hadn't found it lol!

Awww LazerMaster5, that sucks. My mom's pretty awful too. Awful mom bros unite! *fistbump*

Amiir- this might be overly personal and feel free to ignore- is it related to what happened to Red at all? If so I sympathize, I'm freaked out at the idea of something happening where I might have to stop on the side of the road to irrational levels myself right now, so I totally get how you feel, regardless of the why.


Keeper of useless information
/Silent Hill
Yay story time.

So this one time when me and my friends were roadtripping to the gulf we pulled into some tiny town about 4am looking for a bathroom. The whole place was coated in the thickest fog I had ever seen. Earthmovers and other rusted old mining equipment was everywhere. Not a single light on in any building not even the gas station. The whole town looked abandoned and gave us all a real creepy vibe so we went to leave but couldn't find the way out. After about twenty minutes we saw a gap in the fog and it led back to the highway. We thought about it and no one ever saw any signs saying what the places name was. When we checked google maps later it said there was no town in that area.

Still gives me the creeps


Keeper of useless information
The sound of a jehova's witness knocking on my door in an attempt to convert me.
I tell them that I will listen to their speal as long as they watch the movie "Religulous" with me.


I will deliver the explosion
DUDE. Erzyal, that story is seriously creepy and yet also awesome. I live right near a town that I can't find info on via google, I mean, in part that's because it used to be a behavioural health hospital and attached town and now that the hospital seems (mostly?) closed, the town isn't on Google? Like... super weird. There's a cemetary, and lights on, but cars looked like they were abandoned in the late 70s early 80s, and at night there's steam that POURS out of the manholes and shit, and it's creepy as hell and I love it. But seriously they pretend like it's a functional place (the sister facility is literally a couple of blocks from me, *sobbing*), but there's barely anything to indicate that this is true.

The other bit? There's a school near me also that half of it is abandoned looking, and there were two rusting/falling apart planes (small private ones I think?) right on the property. All my nopes.