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What scares you?


It's a long story
This could be anything from a small fear to a full-blown phobia.

As for me, I have a fear of cockroaches - the large flying kind. I am also afraid of the idea of someone staring at me through the window from outside. And of slipping and falling on puddles, or down the stairs. I have other fears but I don't want to write an essay.

Kit H. Ruppell

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The world falling apart, and the people you would think would be most enthusiastic about saving it being too caught up in their own ever-narrowing interests to give a shit.

Deep water, wasps, the insane/monstrous, and embryos in the "bug-eyed gummy bear" stage where they just start to take on recognizable features of their species aren't great, either. I get nervous around tiny kittens/puppies/etc. too
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When I was younger, plants being indoors. Some part of that fear still remains.

Rap Daniel

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Bees terrify me, especially wasps.
But on an interesting note, there's two red paper wasps (Polistes Carolina) making a nest in between my bedroom window and the mesh outside it, and sometimes I just watch them doing wasp stuff, and I'm not bothered by them at all.


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Water can freak me out a tad, if its so deep I can't see the bottom, or if its murky, rather in contrast, I also don't like touching the bottom if its the ocean, bit spooked by stuff lucking in the sand that can sting, bite or has sharp pointies. I do like swimming though, so its a bit of a wild time going to the beach or a river XD

I have claustrophobia, but I'm not too bad as long as I can move, those sleeping bags that zip up and only allow about an inch of wiggle room, I am NOT ok in, tents can be a little bit tricky too sometimes but not too bad generally, you'd never EVER catch me caving if it involves wiggling through any tight gaps in rock. If someones hugging me too tight and wont let go, that can trigger it as well. If I'm having a bad day I can feel trapped even being in something as large as a house and I have to get out, usually that only happens if I'm under extreme stress of some kind.

Otherwise, I have issues with death, not in a spooky way but a fear of losing loved ones or leaving loved ones.
Social interactions make me nervous, speaking or reading publicly really gets the heart racing and the palms sweaty. Interviews SUCK. People I don't know can spook me if they talk to me in the street....

Otherwise, can't think of much else.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Hmm, I've got several, but in order from greatest fears to lesser fears:
Heights, public speaking/presentations, super deep water (I'm confident in my swimming skills, but it's whatever is beneath me that I can't see that I'm scared of), meeting new people, beetles (especially june bugs, I just hate how loud they sound when they fly and how they always wanna stick to you), and bees.
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I have a massive phobia of deep water and also sharks. Very loud and unexpected thunder scares me really bad.


I have a big fear of bees/wasps.

I'm occasionally scared of lakes, rivers and oceans - mainly at nighttime.


I have quite a few.

Death, although not all the time. Sometimes I get moments where I know that I'm going to die and just get sad over it, but then later realise that death is a natural thing to occur to all of us. It's a never-ending process for me though.

This one links to death, but I have a fear of wars and anything nuclear-related. I fear the day that an atom bomb strikes my country and the whole country just gets wiped out in about half a minute.

I generally also fear being alone. I'd hate to be all alone, with neither friends nor' family. Although, it's actually quite funny since I'm mostly a quiet and introverted person(Unless I get deeply involved in a conversation or piece of work).

Not sure if this would count as well, but I'm a bit scared of cameras and microphones. I am a privacy-advocate but even then, these devices still scare me.