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What scares you?


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I'm scared of being out of breath. When I go to bed at night, I'm concerned because I think that can be happened any time and if I sleep, I can't do anything


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Well, putting aside some more generic or obscure fears, I would say loud noises. My heart always seems to stop for a few seconds every time something loud (or unexpected) is heard, and it often catches me off-guard.

A rather sillier fear of mine is that of ovens: I cook a lot, but whenever I need to maneuver around these extremely hot machines I tend to prepare myself like a beekeeper just to avoid burning my hands. This isn't much of a fear though, it's mainly something that I'm overly-cautious about.

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Any situation where I'm the last man standing and I can feel all my teammates watching my every move as they expect me to clutch out a win.

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People. They scare the shit out of me. So much self-interest, pride, selfishness, ego, arrogance. I'm forced to live with others that love loud music. The fact that I have tinnitus and have to put up with that is infuriating.

Do you know what tinnitus is like? I'll tell you. When you hear certain frequencies from any noise source, it's like a plastic bag scrunching in your ear, and it feels like someone is poking it with a blunt knife.

When you're laying in bed at night and everything is finally quiet, all you hear is a loud hum from both ears. Good luck getting to sleep with that.

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My biggest fear is that, if I die unexpectedly, nobody will take care of my pups. They need foods, love and playtime. The idea that they might go hungry, or end up back in the shelter, is basically the only reason why I even get out of bed and go to work.


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The heat death of the Universe


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Big Box Stores, Wal-Mart, Amazon, huge chains and the faceless monotony they exemplify


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Being suddenly sideswiped by a distracted driver whilst on my motorcycle. They may be fine, but probably lethal for me even with preparation and proper gear.

Socially? It would be opening up, terrifies me. I'm trying to take steps towards not being so afraid of it, but certainly is a big hurdle.


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One fear I've developed pretty badly over the past few years is the fear of people getting mad at me, and it's gotten so bad to the point where I occasionally have nightmares about people getting mad at me for no reason at all (most of which taking place in school because school is a bad place).
I have this same problem, although for me, I was usually yelled at while I was at home. When someone raises their voice, I can't help but get tense.


Bees, in particular hornets and wasps. If I so much as spot one from extreme lengths I will go out of my way to keep my distance. I've nearly suffocated in a vehicle before during the middle of the summer because the place I was living at had a lot of them around and I was too scared to get out of my car until my grandmother came home and "protected" me from them. I can tolerate honey bees, bumblebees, and the other varieties ok because I know they're not little asshats out to get me, but I am still very cautious of them.

I used to say that I fear dying alone, but I'm getting more and more comfortable with the fact that I will forever be alone - just me, my cats, and occasional internet friends. The kind of person that could tolerate me and me tolerate them is just way too rare. I've not found such a person single and ready to mingle.

A minor fear I suppose would be social things in general. I've always been quite shy, and generally speaking once people get to know me they're pretty disappointed, so it scares me a bit to bother reaching out. I force myself to do so despite that. Mostly what scares me in that regard nowadays is upsetting my clients or co-workers, people who are important to my well being. I had a really awful client 2 years ago who spent the entire night yelling at me, quite literally (because that was her only tone), and calling me stupid because I didn't know every little thing about her on my first night there. It changed me, and not for the better. Definitely some sort of PTSD going on there.


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my phobias:

losing a sense or limb

memory loss

the 2 extremes of no afterlife/eternal afterlife




people who're under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

large bodies of water

diabetes (watching my siblings go through this my entire life and seeing what they deal with on a daily basis scares the shit out of me)

not being understood, especially in relation to my mental health and life situations

feeling inadequate, unskilled or uninteresting in social situations

my own imagination

my entire life ending in friendless, loveless mediocrity from start to finish.

and my daily fear, that constant scratching feeling knowing how much potential i have as an adult when it comes to a career, my social life, love life, etc, and feeling that i won't be able to live up to anywhere remotely close to it due to my mental health


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This is sort of a vague one, but I have a fear that reality is completely different (and more sinister) from what I think it is, and that I'm missing obvious signs. There's a lateral thinking puzzle that kind of reminds me of the feeling:

Q: You wake up, and the curtains are gone, the paint is peeling, and the water is boiling. Which problem do you solve first?

A: You get out of the house, because it's on fire.

The idea that there are pieces of information that I'm not putting together, that point to a terrible reality, is terrifying to me.


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I have a fear of bees/wasps, hornets/yellow jackets etc. Not so much a fear, but I have an unreliable reaction to being stung. Sometimes I'm OK, and other times it's really bad. So this fear is pretty much common sense. I guess my greatest fear is my own mortality. As I get older, I know that I won't be around forever. This makes me sad that I will miss out on many great things the Fandom will accomplish in the future. I cherish my time in the Fandom very much as a result. I also try to make the Fandom a better place than when I found it.

I'm also not a great swimmer. I can keep myself up, but nothing fancy. I find it interesting that so many Furries above are afraid of specifically deep water and find this to be a very common fear that many people have. I recall once being on a sailboat in Jamaica. There were about 20 others on board as well. I was sitting near the captain, and after getting underway, I asked him how deep the water was. He said, "It is about 25 feet deep, mon." About ten minutes later, I asked him again how deep the water was. He said, "The water is about 35 feet deep, mon." I nodded and the boat sailed on. About five minutes later, I asked him the same question of how deep the water was. His reply drew gasps from all the other passengers. "The water is about 4,000 feet deep, mon." I knew we had sailed over the boundary of the continental shelf. I calmly told everyone on board that you could just as easily drown in 35 feet of water as 4,000 feet of water.

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Easily startled, aversion to insects and/or arachnids due to touch... not afraid of deep water so much as worried about its contents (lot easier to drown if the sea life nabs you)...

My main actual fear is heights. I'm a big guy, a little top-heavy, and railings are always designed way too short so they only reach to my waist. It'd be very easy to fall over them.


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My main actual fear is heights. I'm a big guy, a little top-heavy, and railings are always designed way too short so they only reach to my waist. It'd be very easy to fall over them.

Oh woah, I also really relate to this! I'm a boy who is rather tall so railings scare me a lot because they give me absolutely no sense of safety. I really don't understand why short railings seem to make sense to whoever is in charge of designing them.


Not much of a major fear as more nervousness, I am nervous about flying on planes.

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My first time on a plane was a thrill ride, except for when someone's kid was kicking the back of my seat on the way home, then I just wanted to murder everyone.

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