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What scares you?


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Heights. I've made a pile of progress, considering I wound up in a trade where I'm often required to work 100+ feet in the air, but I've never stopped hating them. I could barely walk on a scaffold without crouching when I started, and there's been a couple of times where I amounted the gumption to walk wide-flange in a rack, holding on to a tag-line. That was only because I was way more focused on ensuring the shit we were flying in with a crane didn't smash into anything while working my way to be there to bolt it up in position but fuck me I hate them. I really really really wish I could lose that horrible gut feeling, but it won't go away.

That shit feeling out on the steel, it's like immediate vertigo, 6" of fucking shit to walk on, I get fucked if I don't have at least another beam to hold on above me. I've had to turn down jobs over it just because I know the site is full of towers and shit, I wish I could deal with it. Fuck I wish I could. I could be commuting from home instead of shiftwork hundreds of kilometres away if I could deal with them as there's a site like 20min from my door, but fuck me everything is waaay up on that project.

Dunno the solution lol.

Ooh, and when your air supply cuts off in an atmosphere that will immediately knock you down if you rip your mask off and try to breathe. That's a different kind of scary, because it's not like a phobia or nothing, just a situation that's like faaaaaaaak. With SABA, you have an air supply hose that runs to your pack and into the regulator on your mask from a bottle-cart way outside of where you're working, and I was in an N2 inerted environment in a shit spot in a confined space with minimal lighting from my headlamp. Shit happened, my air stopped, and my mask sucked to my face when I tried to breathe. Those packs have like a 5-minute escape bottle that you're supposed to open up from your hip in that kind of event, and mine was lodged in-between shit. The first thought was like, 'holy sweet mother of fuck, is this it?' Managed to get to the handle on it and open it up as well as unlodge it so I could get out, obviously, but fuck that was really something. That, and having literally 5 minutes of air, trying to fumble your way back out, following your air-line back out of the hole.
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i have agoraphobia, i never leave my house,even my room {live with housemates} and in moments when i do need to leave, im constantly afraid, and coupled with social anxiety and fear of rejection and getting judged, its a nightmare


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I’m claustrophobic to the point where I would feel like jumping out of a vehicle sometimes. I’m also deathly afraid of germs, which in turn makes me afraid of insects because many carry germs.


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I’m afraid of the idea of having to have invasive surgery done on me. The closest that I had to one is whenever I get fillings. That’s also why I’m afraid of something like a heart attack or appendicitis.


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I’m afraid of the idea of having to have invasive surgery done on me. The closest that I had to one is whenever I get fillings. That’s also why I’m afraid of something like a heart attack or appendicitis.

I had to have my tonsils removed at age 4 and it was a nightmare leading up to the part where they started putting needles in me. Pretty sure I fainted and wasn't gassed. Fillings aren't so terrifying for me anymore, but the needle part is.

Having teeth pulled, I made the mistake of not closing my eyes. Seeing their arms jerk and tug had me bawling afterwards. With eyes closed I managed to just keep myself annoyed that I can't open my jaw very wide so it hurt. Assholes threatened to dislocate my jaw if I didn't do better though. So maybe my fears are justified in that sense. XD


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Heights. Especially like when I'm up on high towers when all I have is a waist high railing in front of me. Ironic considering my hobbies...

@rekcerW yeah, F that >.<


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I don't really like snakes or heights.


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Warning: this is a tad dark and personal

I am not comfortable going in depth on this here, at least not now. To put it simply, I fear slipping back into the mental state that drove me to self mutilation and suicidal behavior. I survived it once, it would be far worse to witness my mind rust and unravel again, and slip back into that dark place. I doubt I could come back from it a second time

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A mirror


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The unquestioned and unrestrained expansion of digital and industrial technologies, as well as their massive and long-reaching costs to our selves and our environment.

I don't like heights or open water, either, but I don't lay awake worrying about those things.


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What scares me is the thought that I might screw up and get someone hurt. I don’t care really if I get hurt. I can always heal, or not, and move forward. But if I mess something up and get any of my guys hurt, or my family, it would be my worst fear come true.


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Honestly, the only thing that genuinely terrifies me is my mom sometimes. It doesn’t happen too often but when it does she can make me tremble and cry.