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What Should Be Valued More? Traditional or Digital Art?


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Hey there fellow furs!

Lately, I’ve been putting together prices for pieces of art I can offer. Since that can be a bit of a thinker for those just starting out, I thought to look at what others are pricing their arts. From what I’ve seen, a lot of prices are for digital art of course but when I see something that is done traditionally, it tends to be priced lower.

To cut this short, I don’t think that a traditional piece of furry art should be priced so much lower than a digital piece; I would call this unfair for those who are great at traditional art. Digital furry art has taken over so much so that those who are more comfortable doing traditional art and want to offer their talents to the public have a very little chance of an order.

I’m sure there is just as much time and dedication put into traditional as there is digital especially if it’s a mix of mediums used to create an effect digital art can make with just a click of a mouse or press of a tablet pencil.

With that being said, I’m not bashing/ hating on digital furry art, it’s very beautiful and it requires ALOT of skill to make such beautiful pieces, but why is traditional art priced less than digital? Why not at least equal to? Making a great traditional piece also takes a great amount of skill

(Sorry I could write a whole essay on this haha)

What do you think?


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My mate is an amazing traditional artist but like you say nobody cares if it's not digital. I care more about quality then medium.


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i go for... both :D


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Art pricing should ideally be based on time+cost of materials.
I think whether traditional art gets priced lower, higher, or the same depends on the artist.

Consider, a lot of the artists (at least that I've seen) that open up traditional commissions are doing so as their first venture into art for pay; they may often be less experienced artists overall (as right now the trend in fandom seems to be for people to eventually move over from traditional to digital, often after they save up enough to aquire a decent tablet), and that is probably the bigger factor effecting their pricing, rather than it being directly dependent on digital vs traditional.

(For my own art, I think pricing would probably depend mostly on what was more of a pain in the ass to do; some things may be easier with traditional media, others with digital.)


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I always thought traditional would cost more due to the cost of materials + physical labor of covering an entire area of drawing space that you could have otherwise zoomed in/out in a drawing program.
If done right, traditional art can be priced the same as digital or more. There is a hiring thread here willing to pay $600 for a traditional painting to be shipped to them.

Now the only reason it's not selling, or is cheaper by comparison, is because the quality is not worthy of the price.
From my experience, Clients don't give a shit what you use as long as the end product is pretty.