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What should I be…?

What should I be?

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Well now that I'm on a furry website… I might as well chose how far I'm going to go.… and who better to trust to make that vital decision then total strangers...?


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It's totally up to you. Everyone decides how far they want to go with it, so just do whatever you feel like doing.


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Always use the power of "I-do-what-I-want" when it comes to stuff like this.
If you want to be an artist, be an artist. If you want to get a fursuit, get a fursuit if your money allows it.

When you see the poll, you're gonna be a sexual fursuiter. You don't want to be that. And it's quite clear that you don't, when you go (Please no) in the poll.

Also, don't think being an artist will be something to do for a living. Being an artist is a hobby, so don't threat it like a job. You will at some point face a financial problem if you do. (Unless you're a real picasso and everyone wants your art all the time. Wouldn't recommend it anyways)


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Fursuiter. It is very fun and when you work with kids its always worth it when you know your character has brought a smile to someones face and brightened their day. You never know how bad of a day someone might be having and when they bump into you while suiting just for a few minutes you have made a magical moment that makes them smile, laugh, and forget about whatever it was that has been bugging/stressing them.


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If you need to ask what you should do instead of deciding on your own you should probably run away.


Member, and if you enjoy it, fursuiter. I find sexual fursuiting strange, purely because of how much fursuits cost and how badly semen could ruin the fur.


In the land of bipolar weather

Car Fox

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I'd recomend being just a member for now, and worry about being other things later. Aside from "Leave while I still can", all the poll options are more towards the personal part of your life. Other than that, DWYW.

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Come on, it's a hobby, not a lifestyle. And for what reason do you need to set a goal on how far to proceed, and even put things on the poll you don't like.


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I voted sexual fursuiter because I thought nobody else would and then I'd get to be "that one guy who voted sexual fursuiter"

I was so planning on voting for the transuiter though.