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What should I write on this bomb?


Bomb Rider
Hi there!

As you very likely don't know I have just finished sketching my new avatar and I was going to ink it.
But I realised that my ghetto old broken phone 10*5cm lightbox was no longer gonna cut it for a full page sketch.
So I will need to make a new A4 sized lightbox, for which I will buy the supplies tomorrow.

Though I just couldn't wait so i decided to draw another sketch... of my fursona... yet again riding a bomb:

Now i know the character isn't drawn out yet, and there's a reason for that:
I need to put a message on the bomb before I draw the legs, but I don't know what to write

So I leave it to you, kind furs of FAF, to choose this message!

Just post what you think would suit this massive metal-shell, and I'll select the one I prefer (of course if I see that one of them is really popular I'll go for that one instead)
Try to make it punny, satirical, funny, absurd... not just some plain "Will go Boom"

Thanks in advance for replying!