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What software do you use to draw?

What software?

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The Real Wheels of Steel
Primarily I use Krita (which now has animation and vectors) and Clip Studio Paint EX. I also use Inkscape on occasion.

I've used MyPaint, and a very ancient Micrografx Picture Publisher which was my all-purpose go-to till Krita fixed its text-handling tools (they're vectors now)

I installed Inkscape, and learned how to use it so I can edit ink lines later so you don't have to hit ctrl + z a thousand times.
But it seemed a lot of effort, and I had no idea how to properly shade and texture, so I just drew my avatar in gimp.

Flat-shading in Inkscape requires a different technique than most other raster applications like GIMP. Instead of flood-filling inkwork (which leaves gaps that you have to fuss with to close, you draw (trace out) the solid blocks of color behind the inked lines (on another layer) as filled shapes with outlines set to transparent or matching color. That way you can establish control points to precisely place these shapes under your inked lines, or beyond them in the case of lines that pass through a solid area of color.

Shading takes the form of more shapes drawn on top of the flats, but with gradients applied from matching to shadow or transparent to shadow. This pic of mine gives illustrations of what can be done with vectors, and until I actually did it, I never imagined I'd be able to produce results like that. The description details my progression of learning over the three drawings in the image.

Medibang Paint Pro is free, and does the job well for the time being until I get Clip Paint Studio, which is what I want really rather than Photoshop.
FYI, Smith Micro has handed over distribution of Clip Studio Paint to the original developers Celsys.com. If you get in on their mailing list you can be kept up-to-date when they periodically run a sale on the application (I got the pro version--normally about $300--for about $70)

Smith Micro still handles MOHO (formerly known as Anime Studio)--I believe they're the original developers. They also hold periodic sales on the pro and regular versions.

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My mains are Paint Tool SAI 2 & Photoshop (for editing etc) but i also use Medibang and Clip Studio Paint


Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint! I've really enjoyed using it, and you can get it for a pretty good (flat!!) price. It also has some really helpful patterns and 3-d models for textures and references, respectively. My only complaint is really that it has a bit of a learning curve, because for a period of time you just struggle to find all the windows you need.


GIMP, Krita and Inkscape.

GIMP for: Thumbnails, Linework & Colors
Krita for: Sketching
Inkscape for: Typography, Comic formatting and Design
WACOM Intuos 3 Medium size

I used to have an unhealthy obsession with free software as a teen, but the apps I use now are better then ever. The first tablet I ever worked on was an Intuos 2, then eventually switched to a 3 just when the 4 came out while in college. Never liked how the 4 felt. Can't remember what 5 felt like. I have no clue what the current WACOM pro line feels like now but you'll have to pry my Intuos 3 from my cold dead hands.


I use Sumo Paint. It's mediocre, but much better than MS paint. I use it to make all my art. Sadly they upgraded to charging me a monthly bill if I want to use all their features, so I haven't made any new work for a while since I'm saving as much money as I can.


The Honey Fox
Clip Studio Paint, but still trying to get used to it. UI seems kinda busy sometimes...
MyPaint - for practices.

GIMP... I know it's not bad, but I have a bad experience with it due to it randomly starting to think my pen was a mouse.

I think I used Inkscape once for art. I use it quite often for diagrams, but not typically for art.

I see you guys use Krita, I think I'll have a look at it.


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I use Sumo Paint. It's mediocre, but much better than MS paint. I use it to make all my art. Sadly they upgraded to charging me a monthly bill if I want to use all their features, so I haven't made any new work for a while since I'm saving as much money as I can.
Huh, I used SumoPaint at one point, too. Was pretty disappointed when they randomly started charging for it.

Anyway, I use GIMP.


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ProCreate and the iPad Pro ftw!

I’d go back to Photoshop CS6 for working on graphic design and text stuff though. With Dropbox, the Procreate/Photoshop combo is all I could ever ask for. Apart from traditional pencil/paper sketches, of course.

I worked with the Intuos 3 and CS4/6 back then, but when Procreate came out, I immediately went to the iPad 4 and the portability was so damn good. The smaller screen never bothered me, but the awful stylus compatibility made me keep going back and forth to the computer. When the Pro came out, I spent a few months saving up, and bought it in time, and even got the second gen one. ProCreate’s like a super-specialized Photoshop for artists, and it feels amazing, with updates rolling out on a steady basis. Heck they just released an advanced perspective tool, symmetry tool and advanced transform tools (including liquify!). For those who love working in PShop, Procreate is a must-buy if you ever consider getting an iPad.

Price-wise...I believe I bought it for $5 back in 2012, and I got all the Pro updates for free (the cheapskate in me is giving his shit-eating grin right now) :D


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Colors 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.

I kinda want a tablet or something like one but I am, as the kids say, poor as heck.