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what song u love to listen in high volume?


High-Strung, Low Tension.
Any of the 1843 songs on my iPod. A good Song At High Volume is "Behind Closed Doors" By Rise Against, Mind you, anything by Rise Against is meant to be listened to at Max Volume.

Shadow Wolf

Any and all Type O Negative
"Forty Six and Two" by Tool
"The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson
"I Want To Conquer The World" by Bad Religion
"Redneck" by Lamb Of God
"Rock Your Socks" by Tenacious D
"Sting Me" by Cold
"Inspiration On Demand" by Shadows Fall

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any

Lillie Charllotte

Utsukuchiku no yagi.
I Love Scream Party and all of Versailles.


Cecret Blown Susiness.
Any of the 1843 songs on my iPod. A good Song At High Volume is "Behind Closed Doors" By Rise Against, Mind you, anything by Rise Against is meant to be listened to at Max Volume.

I couldn't agree more... Gethsemane by them is also a good song for said purpose.


502 Jump Squad
Heres mah list...Give em' all a chance...
Hood Nigga (Gorilla Zoe)
Rock the cash bah (The clash)
The Realist (Young Jeezy)
Keep On Movein' (DJ boiler)
Handlebars (I forget)
I got others I'll more later


Play from your ****ing HEART
1. my dark desire - the agony scene
2. not alone - all that remains
3. umbrella - all time low
4. she is beautiful - andrew wk
5. nemesis - arch enemy
6. you give love a bad name - atreyu
7. lip gloss and black - atreyu
8. i kissed a girl - attack attack
9. remenissions - a7x
10. dota - basshunter
11. i love my sex - benny benassi
12. feeling this - blink 182
13. uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss - bloodhound gang
14. bad touch - bloodhound gang
15. blue steel - brokencyde
16. low - brokencyde
17. tears don't fall - bullet for my valentine
18. hearts burst into fire - bullet for my valentine
19. waking the demon - bullet for my valentine
20. are you dead yet? - children of bodom
21. down with the sickness - disturbed
22. failed creation - divine heresy
23. die motherfucker die - dope
24. i'm shipping off to boston - the dropkick murphys
25. bodies - drowning pool
26. everlong - foo fighters
27. milkshake - goodnight nurse
28. dirty - grendel
29. what is love - haddaway
30. speakers blown - hit the lights
31. pretty rave girl - i am x ray
32. you are the dead - impaled
33. i like your booty - insane o flex
34. all my loving - jim sturgess
35. fuck more - junkie xl
36. lips like morphine - kill hannah
37. ya'll want a single - korn
38. the unwelcome savior - light this city
39. fer sure - the medic droid
40. never wanted to dance - mindless self indulgence
41. issues - mindless self indulgence
42. get it up - mindless self indulgence
43. shut me up - mindless self indulgence
44. dam dadi doo - nightcore
45. last of the wilds - nightwish
46. augen auf - oomph
47. crooked spoons - otep
48. walk - pantera
49. crushcrushcrush - paramore
50. buck dich - rammstein
51. keine lust - rammstein
52. mein teil - rammstein
53. feuer frei - rammstein
54. living dead girl - rob zombie
55. superbeast - rob zombie
56. dragula - rob zombie
57. angel - shaggy
58. the only - static x
59. chelsea - stefy
60. baby got back - throwdown
61. ravers fantasy - tune up
62. animal i have become - three days grace
63. inside of you - hoobastank

[i am a music fanatic if you can't tell ]

You need a talent injection.


1. How I Could Just Kill a Man - Rage Against The Machine
2. Einstein - Tech N9ne
3. Blood Red Sandman - Lordi
4. Nobody's Listening - Linkin Park
5. Misirlou - Dick Dale

Theres others but i figured 5 is enough.


is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
panama-Van Hallen, rock n roll all nite-KISS, back in black-AC (lightning bolt) DC, fortunate son-CCR, welcome to the jungle-Guns and Roses, original devil went down to georgia-Charlie Daniels Band.


In FAF CAThulu lies dreaming..
'Queen B' - Puscifer
'Name of the Game' - Crystal Method
'Demon Seed' - Nine Inch Nails
'Ruiner' - Nine Inch Nails
'Strangers' - Portishead
'When the Levee Breaks' - Led Zeppelin
'Sleeping Sickness' - City And Colour feat. Gordon Downie (it's a canadian thing :p )

If the music shoots down your spinal cord and kicks your arse, then it's good ;)
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New Member
"Conquerer Worm II" ~ Sopor Aeternus
"Buried Alive" ~ Creature Feature
"Kaskya" ~ Turmion Katilot
"God Wrapped in Plastic" ~ Combichrist
"Juicy" ~ Angelspit
"Alpha Omega" ~ Project Pitchfork
"Minne" ~ Subway to Sally

The list goes on...


Any song from Metallica's first four albums.
The Other Side - Pendulum
Smash (album) - The Offspring
Cowboys From Hell (Album) - Pantera
Countless songs by Slipknot
Crime Of The Century (album) - Supertramp

I'm more of an album kinda guy.


Jimmy Hart (Or someone else i dunno it was a WCW theme)- American Males
Oasis- F*ckin in the Bushes
ACDC (All)
Guns and roses- (All)
Jackyl- Headed for Destruction and, Dirty Little Mind

and thats about it lol


Jaxson The Otterman

Well....Mine depends on my mood...

Go With The Flow- Queens of the Stone Age
Loose- Primer 55
Hells Bells- AC/DC
WWE Music
DC Talk (All)
...To Be Loved-Papa Roach
The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest Theme



Fanatic Artist
At a high volume, I would listen to the following:

Amethystium's "Autumn Interlude", "Shadow to Light", and "Shibumi".
I'd also listen to Ulrich Schnauss's "Blumenthal", "A Strangely Isloated Place", and "Monday - Paracetamol".
Another epic song I'd listen to is Deep Forest's "Forest Hymn (Long Ambient Version)".


Cecret Blown Susiness.
"Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya" and almost anything else by the Dropkick Murphys...

I guess it's the Irish feel to those songs.


The Commissar
Almost anything from Disturbed's "Indestructible". List is like

1: Curse
2: The Night
3: Perfect Insanity
4: Indestructible
5: Facade.


Click Here
1. N.E.R.D Lapdance
2. Black Milk - Action
3. Kanye West - Two Words
4. The Roots - Here I Come
5. Ante Up - M.O.P