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What sort of Sona am I?


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Zootopia has an artstyle that i like, especially the facial expression?
It helps me a lot with my art here I have done


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Zootopia is required viewing.

I'm still fiddling about with my OC design for just over 10 months, and still fiddling.

Your off to a great start and leaps ahead from where I started from. It is your OC and I say it is well worth the time and effort you put in to it.
I got a few that's over a couple of years because i got upset..


The sheep
I recently axed my whole gallery and profile. Reinventing things or creating them for the first time is extremely difficult because you don't want to start off with something you might see later as a mistake.


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Giraffe was a wonderful choice! I like how it’s coming so far. You going to go digitigrade or plantigrade with the feet?


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Wow, We certainly need more giraffes in the fandom.
How do you think you would make the neck on a suit? Possibly neck vision? Ive never actually seen a giraffe suit.


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OMG I just searched it up looked what I found im so dead :D:D:D


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Heres a actual giraffe suit:
I guess you could do it without a neck, but it takes out a lot of character, you know?


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