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what sports do you play?


myself, i fence on my high school team. just wondering becuase today, i saw a guy with a naruto headband and fox ears/tail at our tournament, and i started wondering what other furs do.

so what, if any, do you play?


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I use to play soccer, and I loved it.../sigh growing older sucks, me and my friends should play soccer sometime again.
We have just been so busy.


I've played golf since 7th Grade (currently in 12th). I played basketball from 5th to 10th. I quit basketball because I was better at golf and wanted to concentrate on it.


oh no....OH NO! D:
I played soccer when I was 10 and stopped playing in my 2nd year in high school. I miss it a lot, but I was really into music and theatre at the time.


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I used to golf.

I thought about trying to join the intramural curling league.
I play soccer now. Used to love Ping Pong, but I never get to play anymore. I was pretty good at football but I didn't care for playing it. I'm good at billiards too.


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well, ive been playing soccer for about 10 years now ^^. although, this year was the last straw. i quit this year, because playing soccer three times a week just became a chore ~(ears droop)~

however, im glad i quit, because now ive converted into the wonderful world of extreme sports. some fav's include; tricking (extreme martial arts), footbag, mountainbiking, snowboarding (lol, check out my bail post), skateboarding, wakeboarding, parkour, aaaand, many more:p


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Ceceil Felias said:
Extreme trolling.

Also, just hearing about that kind of weeaboo at a fencing tournament scares me. D:

Sorry, I don't make the rules, I just follow them.

As for a sports, I used to play Tee-ball, Softball, Soccer, Cricket, Football (Australia Rules) and Tennis.

My High School had an Ice Hockey team for drop-kicks though >:[
I woulda joined soccer, but the soccer team at my school is fucking corrupt. No team playing man, they only pass to the people they like

That being said, I also like bowling on the occassion, but I generally don't like sports. Need moar exercise though.

Also, mountain hiking = amazing. I know it's not a sport, but god I wish I could go mountain hiking every weekend. It's really nice and I did it a lot as a little kid.


Eewww sport :S
My school sucks sport wise ¬_¬
I like playing Badminton though and I like cycling but not in any competitive manner at all.
Just not a sporty person =]
back in high school I played football, ran a little track and did some basketball, but I stopped them all my senior year to concentrate on choir. ::shrugs::

Wish I woulda kept up with football, though, I'd have loved to have been recruited or even just walked on to the college squad...

Now, I mostly play pick-up games of whatever, and do a little skateboarding.


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I don't play any sports. I actually really don't like them at all.
I try to stay active. As such, I cycle and jog whenever's convenient, plus I golf, play tennis, wrestle (olympic style, not the WWF bullshit), and paintball. Excessively.

In fact, I'm just waiting for the weather to get nice, then I'll be paintballing like 4 times a week. (CO2 + cold = fail, I COULD run on NO2 or compressed air, but that shit gets expensive).


I used to play football/soccer when I was younger. But kicking a ball into a net in knee-high socks and shorts seemed pretty fucking gay, so I stopped.

I also did kayaking, rugby, archery, basketball, golf, rock climbing, tennis, badminton, table tennis, and Taekwondo. But not all at once. I almost did Aikido, but that never happened. Who actually uses what they learned in martial arts in a real fight, anyway?

I'd really like to try motocross one day.


i know how u feel about the knee high socks thing, we have to wear knickers for fencing, basically overalls that come down to your upper shin. Nothing says manly like hairy ankles outlined by white overalls