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What to do for my career & life


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Right now I'm looking at 4-year colleges to transfer to now that I'm done with a 2-year college (and pretty much used up the financial aid for it). But I'm stumped, not only which one to go to, but what program I want to go into.

In the 2-year college I majored in computer programming and minored in web design. The first one I'm decent at, I kinda enjoy it at times, and I think I could make a career from it, although I do go a little crazy when a program refuses to work at first, and I don't know if I like that stress. The second one I also kinda like, although I'm not so good at designing fancy graphics.

However, I am uncertain I want to continue with either. Neither I actually "Love" enough to feel like it's the "right" career.

But there's another reason. Lately I've felt like I want to get into something where I feel like I'm doing something to better the world, or to make strides into solving the world's major problems. I feel like I want to fix ALL the problems. And I don't think anything involving computers is going to satisfy this feeling, as I'll probably be writing apps for smart phones that scratch people's asses for them.

There is a part of me that thinks that since I'm pretty intelligent that I must be on this planet for a purpose, but that's crazy, right? Even if I was, I think the flying spaghetti monster is too busy molesting people with his noodley tentacles to tell me anything. I've certainly asked a few deities in the past and gotten ZERO replies so either they don't exist or I don't matter that much in the 7 billion people scheme of things.

But what prevents me from just changing majors is two things: 1) I have no flipping idea which major I'd be happier in, 2) I feel like I've invested too much time and student loans into computers already to just switch majors. I think a part of me just wants someone to tell me that I can still continue in computers and also find a way to feel like I'm doing something good for the world, so that way I don't HAVE to change majors.
Also, being 30, shouldn't this have been something to worry about 10 years ago? Am I too young to be having a mid-life crisis?

And so I sit here and stumble around and don't really try hard to transfer to a new institution because I have no idea what to do with my life. Not to mention I'm about the most unmotivated and lazy fuck on the planet. I feel like I'll end up in my 60s in shitty jobs hating myself for not doing something better.

But I'm of the type of person that wants to know exactly what I'm getting into before I get into it. And I have no idea what career would make me feel like I'm making a difference and be enjoyable, or at least mostly tolerable.

So... I dunno.
TL;DR: In a computer major, debating whether to change majors into something I feel would contribute to bettering the world, but unsure which major to switch to or what to do.


I don't know if this helps you but with this economy I'd find a job you don't hate that allows you to make enough money to get by and save up a bit extra on the side. If you can get some decent health insurance and a retirement fund out of it more power to you. After you have done that seek self fulfillment in your free time. You can have a day job and still contribute time and money to making the world a better place. Who you are as a person isn't necessarily defined by what you do for a living but rather how you live your life.


Find what you're really good at. Figure out how to do it for work and play. Use it to better the world.

It's that simple.


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You can definitely use the computer thing to better the world. My husband is currently an undergrad electrical engineering student, and is getting back soon from a research visit to Yale medical school. He picked up, as volunteer undergrad research, a project to map distances between electrodes in the brains of epileptics so that the locus of a seizure can be more accurately located before surgery to remove that part of the brain. So basically, he's writing a program that will hopefully help epilepsy patients keep more of their good brain tissue while still getting effective treatment. The way he got that project was to go to one of his professors, say 'hey, I'm interested in brain-computer-interface is there anything like that I can do here?' and then working on it in his free time. So yeah. programming has plenty of make-the-world-better uses, it's not all apps. But you might need to go looking for some of those uses before it's vital that you find a job. Then you've got some experience in that thing you like, and hopefully don't have to accept the app gigs.


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At this point it's important to remember that you didn't waste your time, knowledge is worthwhile. You're absolutely right about wanting to find something you love; if switching majors will lead to happiness, go for it. We live in an information age, any company that you would work for or that you'd start even would benefit from your knowledge of computers and web design. And I agree with Ilayas for finding a job; also that there is always something to be gained, whether it's knowledge, money, or contacts. You've still got plenty of time to figure out how to make a positive impact on the world.


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If you want to make an impact upon the world, you do not need a fancy degree in anything. You do not need money, nor do you need any technical skill.

A little kindness, a smile, holding the door for someone, giving way in traffic, just a little kindness sparks off a chain reaction of kindness that makes waves each day.

As others have said, finding what you love to do is the most important thing. I am still working that out myself; Best of luck to you.


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If you dont want to switch majors, and still want to make an impact in the world, why not try going for internet crime prevention or anything that stops bad people from doing bad things (as simple as i can think right now) i know that theres never a shortage for people who work with computers to help out any law enforcnment agency out there, hell you can even go as far as a federal job and they pay the big bucks. but all boils down to personal opinion. Id say do alot of research and maybe go to career fairs and talk to people. Ive learned alot about life just from word of mouth by complete strangers.


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I'm a CS major with a concentration to computer and information security (cyber security), so quite naturally, that is a field that is helping people. I chose this field for several reasons, 1 because I was an "ankle biter" (modest hacker) when I was in HS, so I decided to traverse the good route instead of getting into trouble. And 2 Becuase I love this country so I want to do what I can to protect it; working for the NSA or DoD.
Cyber security has tons of potential to help people, I mean they protect banking info, they protect peoples personal info, protect the country and infrastructure, any many other implementations.

On the other hand, I have a friend who's a software engineering concentration (programming oriented) and he's seeking to help develop robotic artificial limbs for the medical field.

In the end, whichever route you choose, there is always a possibility for helping other people in COSC.