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What to do with my network drive?

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
So, I set up a network drive for my home network. It is plugged directly into my router/modem combo. All that I am currently using it for is automated backups of my personal files.

However, I feel there is something more I could do with it. Especially since my Smart TV seems to be able to interact with it. Perhaps capture a bunch of movies with my capture card and save them to the drive?

Maybe use it for important files, such as tax documents so when I replace my computer, I can still access them?

If I had an old desktop, I could install VyOS, set up a VPN, and use it as personal cloud storage, maybe even use KeePass2 so I could have synced password storage. The only problem with that is the need for an old desktop. Which, surprisingly, I don't already have.

Maybe it is time to start a youtube career and I could use the drive to store footage so I can test it on my big screen?

IDK. I want to do something cool with it but I don't know what. Though, I suppose the automated backups will prove useful down the road.

Let me know what you guys think! I am open to new ideas!


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If you want ready to go solution - buy Synology. It have bunch of apps for any situation.
I use it for private cloud, torrents, backups, media server, host some web apps like rss aggregator, wiki for notes.