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Which illustration idea would you like me to draw?

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Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
I am gonna try something new! What would you like to see me draw next? I plan on taking multiple suggestions and combining them into one painting depending on what people suggest. Below are some links to my various portfolios so you can see what I have already done. I am open to both sfw and nsfw suggestions. Lets have some fun with this one!


Draw a red panda shark hybrid fighting a husky dolphin hybrid in the desert.


Very Speshul Title
A giant space whale that goes by the name of "Bob".

A randomly-mixed creature taken out from Impossible Creatures. A tiger/scorpion hybrid or a polar bear/crab hybrid.

Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
Hey everyone,

Last month I asked people: what would you like to see me draw next? And I only got a few responses, but the responses I did get were awesome. Thank you for your participation!

Now for part two of this project/experiment. I have taken these suggestions and mashed them up. I tried to use as many suggestions as I could for each idea.

Which one would you like to see taken to a final illustration?

Illustration 1-

A female assassin, red panda/shark hybrid and a male ambassador, blue husky/dolphin hybrid are sharing a drink at a cyberpunk bar after passing payment for a kill contract. A male bartender polar bear/crab hybrid named bob is pouring the drinks.

Illustration 2-

A red, female panda/shark hybrid wearing a mech suit armed with a sword and a tiger scorpion monster hybrid are fighting to the death in the middle of a desert town.

Illustration 3-

Polar bear/crab monster hybrid is throwing a car over his head off the side of a parking garage. Standing on top of that car, looking heroic and ready to fight is a blue, male husky /dolphin hybrid in a mech suit armed with a laser cannon.

Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
Just three more days to vote! It's gonna be a shame to cancel this project if I don't get any more community involvement. The point of this project was to do a community commission that I would release to the community for free, but if nobody gets involved I have no direction for the commission. Please, cast your vote today!

Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
Alright! Here is what I got done so far.