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What topic(s) are you really passionate about?


Magepunk Fashionisto
What topic(s) are you enthusiastic and knowledgeable about?

Also, specify how okay you are with people messaging you to talk at length about them!


While I'm not particularly knowledgeable on the subject, I've always loved behavioral psychology.

I find it fascinating why people and animals act in the ways they do, and why they think and feel and respond to various stimuli differently than others. I also like the idea of predicting behaviors based on personalities and other behaviors and vice versa.

Very interesting I think!


I love, love, love talking about spirituality. Not religion specifically, but that can be included too, but only if the person(s) can have a civil discussion about it - I've learned a lot about other viewpoints thanks to people being willing to discuss. I love the paranormal aspects of spirituality mostly, but I am a skeptic who prefers to try to reason away as much as she can, so I definitely prefer having a discussion with someone of the same mindset who even if they have had experiences is able to realize they could have logical explanations.

Edit: Another passionate topic of mine is conservation of animals in all forms, but specifically big cats. It's where I've put my donation money in the past and I follow quite a few organizations that do good for the kitties. I've also recently been introduced to fox rescues and gosh darnit those are some of the funnest videos to watch when you just need something happy and silly to watch because foxes are obnoxious and adorable while doing it.
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Hey as long as people don't force it upon anyone else/ shoving it down their throats, and it floats the boat, why not?

I say go for it.


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I have this longtime friend who has a major in Languages and we can spend hours talking about Portuguese, English, Japanese, German and so on. Mainly Portuguese. Learning about particularities of different countries (current customs, demographic stats, climate etc) feels really good too

Frank Gulotta

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Art, and Donald Trump

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There are many things that I am passionate about. Photography and videography the most, probably. Then there's crytpography, music, languages, watches, guitars, firearms, cars, tech... I'm shit at everything though.


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Magic: The Gathering, Buckethead, movies (mostly horror), food, and traveling.

It's hard to get me to shut up sometimes, and I can talk for hours if I'm with the right people.

Oh, and bad drivers. I'm REALLY passionate about bad drivers.


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My own little world with my OC's and imaginary hubbies. Daydreaming. Sleeping.

I don't really have much time/will to invest in anything else. Decent games/shows are scarce. I don't have any friends to go do things with/live in the middle of nowhere/COVID would ruin all of that anyway.

I'd say I'm open for discussion but really these are kinda solo/personal topics!


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pro-wrestling, basketball, collecting various nerdy/vintage things, metal music, writing, animation, psychology and philosophy.


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Sex education, yo! i likes to learn where babies come from and where the storks get their cabbages.
For instance: Contrary to popular belief, pee is NOT stored in the balls!
...it's ACTUALLY stored in the clitoris. *nod* *nod* *nod*
Genetics because I'm still holding out hope someone decodes our genomes and invents a way to be real anthropomorphs.
Psychology because I want to be able to understand the things going through my own mind!
Roleplaying because it's like writing and acting all in one.
Furries because of course. c;


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Retro video games, advanced PC usage, and im slowly diving into network security.
I'm fine talking about any of these.


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Murder! Not committing it, but the psychology behind it.
Criminology has always been really fascinating to me.
Also art, writing/books (I usually read a book a week or more, especially now), the occult, Digimon, horror movies and world events. I usually like discussing the intent behind the things I obsess over rather than the details.
Like rather than debating over which Digimon would win in a fight I'd discuss the important of the symbolism within the series. :B you guys...I'm, like, really cool.