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What type of Car/Truck/Motorcycle does your Fursona Drive?


for whatever reason I'm partial to Simon "Bunkie" Knudsen's designed abominations (referred to as Knudsen-nose here in deutschland). in a story environment a certain anthro lion drives a '72 Thunderbird HT in deep metallic blue, something I once hand-copied from the deck lid of a Hasegawa model kit. :) said car has a switchable roots blower, sidepipes and of course, Wolfrace alloy wheels. :)


Tom Servo
He can't drive. Yet.


New Member
depends on what job hes going to *chuckles*

lipstick pink 1999 Porche 911 Carrera
midnight purple 2008 Aston Martin DB9

but most of the time he doesnt drive *smerks* others are driving him XD


thinks Jesus was a comedian.
I ride a a bike.


I'm in love with a pizza.
He drives a car of my own design. It is kinda beat up, though. It looks like a 2006 Hyundai Tiberon-



thinks Jesus was a comedian.
I ride a bike.

Ecs Wolfie

Hiding the fact he's a husky
Hehe, Really depends on the situation and his mood. >> Sometimes it's tight leather and a motorcycle other times it's an El Camino.

Well, Three main cars/bikes:
Sports Bike - Usually some weird black sports bike, Rather fast.
El Camino - Darker purple
Lamborghini Diablo - Just because they're fucking awsome cars XD


thinks Jesus was a comedian.
I ride a bike.


Perpetuating the Stereotype
A custom motorcycle built to look like it fell out of the 1950's. Kind of a garish black on yellow paintjob.


Cecret Blown Susiness.
A jet black '69 Dodge Charger, with blood-spatter like patterns on the side.

And music playing loudly. Metal.. Yeah! \m/


New Member
Everybody's got all these cool vehicles.

My fursona's got this:

Just not as shiny.


Miss Priss
Angel Wolfen, (and this is when he comes back from teh dead) will drive a Motorcycle he builds himself

5000cc turbo fuel injected 8-cylinder motorcycle with armored tired, a rifle holster and a sword sheath on each side , just inside the armor plating. Twin front tire with a double wide twin back tire. runs on jet fuel and alcohol.

His riding suit is a kind of Biomechanical armor. designed to monitor his vitals, alert the Emergency services if he crashes or if his vitals drop too low. and is bullet proof upto .50 caliber.

the Bike itself is equiped with one maching gun mounted between the front lights for offence and the entire bike is set on a hyper hydrolic that can lift or lower it, but also a quick pulse will send the front or back end of the bike into the air.

It's max speed is somewhere around 500 mph, and the entire thing is coated witha non-reflective, radar absorbing finish, Jet black. (picture to come later)

yea yea i know. it doesn't even exist, but that' the point. I wanted to make somethign that is too fast to catch and takes an immortal tro drive it and survive....cuz that's what Angel is....a freaking immortal...

attitude aside, i really need ideas for the pipes on this thing...anyone got an idea?

Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
Mine drives a modified "duce and a half" 6X6 Military truck. Modded so he can drive it, being a dragon, and a HUGE speaker system in the bed. Made so he can drive in and drop the sides and the tail gate, lift it off the ground with hydrolic feet and blast music to the point of walls crumbling! (Hasn't broken any walls yet but did crack a few windows)