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What type of foam for a head?


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Looking at trying my hand at making a suit for fun. Starting with the head to see if the rest is worth the trouble lol...

So I'm on the search for foam, I'm going to be doing the balaclava method if that helps. I know I should be looking for upholstery foam but not sure what density I should get. I see 3.5 a lot and 2.8. Is one better than the other as far as head making goes?

Also what is the consensus on urethane foam? Thanks for any advice :>


Hmm... Well I make suits and I buy a fairly middle range of density foam for most of the head and a very high density for the muzzles cause it needs to be nice and sturdy since it doesn't get much structural help and is under the most stress when in use. The rest of the head though, I use a typical foam that I buy from wally world (Walmart) that comes in a pack of 4 for $10 there about an inch high and fairly large squares that make doing the rest of the head real simple in my opinion~

Hope this helps >w<

ALSO! If your going to buy your foam from Joann's make sure you do so when their having a sale. Their high density foam is expensive @.@


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I'd say the 2.8 foam. 3.5 is good for most of the thicker aras, such as the muzzle, cheeks and such.