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What type of furry comics do you want to see more of?


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Since this forum seems dead I don't want to post this here, but oh well.

There really doesn't seem to be much furry comic diversity out there, it's mostly porn or empty cliche romance with not much else included. The only ones I can think of right now that aren't that is Lackadaisy and Two Kinds, both I couldn't really find myself interested in, as well as a comic on DA called "king of Hearts" which I like so far, but uploads are very slow as of now and there isn't really much to judge from.

1.) Just curious to see what others are also interested in as I myself have been wanting to make furry-related comics for a long time now.

2.) Do you have any advice or criticisms for any comics you have read and could be learned from for future reference?


Nordguard: Across Thin Ice is pretty incredible. Conception, originality, realism, art, and general story plot really came together well.

I can agree with you; it's mostly porn. I wish there were more genuine stories out there.


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Same. I'd be happy with pretty much any regular old, cool and original comic, just.. furrified. Honestly I've always thought about it, but I figured there was no demand/interest for something that was furry but also sfw.


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I'd like to see some comics and actually books in general featuring adventures with furry characters or even slice-of-life ones that focus a lot on character relationships. I always find it interesting to see characters grow closer overtime, whether romantic or not, but more realistic rather than overly sappy like in cliches.


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Do you have a clear idea of what kind of comic you want to do, or do you want to do some wayfinding for inspiration?

If your looking to find more stuff for reading and enjoying on its own, I hope you can find exactly what your looking for. But if your looking to create a comic, look broadly for material. Comics, animated shows, games..

If you look at anthro in a broad sense of style, there are tons of examples without relying soley on sex. Some very cartoony (Garfield, Disney comics), realistically feral with spoken intelligence (The Pride of Baghdad ) adult dramas with bipedal furries (Blacksad, Bojack Horseman, Night in the Woods) stuff that has a slew of non-human characters, aliens and mythological (District 14, Saga) and so much more. Look everywhere, get inspired, be the change you wanna see by creating your own content.

Some random comics I found that look promising:
Customer Service Wolf
cooncomic.com: - 01. Meet Coon
www.comic-rocket.com: Kaspall - updates every Monday - Comic Rocket webcomic list
www.comic-rocket.com: The Dawn Chapel - How the Raccoon Got his Coat 1 - Comic Rocket webcomic list
www.comic-rocket.com: Cover | Krig RAWR - Comic Rocket webcomic list
www.comic-rocket.com: '32 Kick-Up - Comic Rocket webcomic list
www.comic-rocket.com: What Nonsense - Comic Rocket webcomic list
www.comic-rocket.com: CARNIVORE PLANET » PAGE001 - Comic Rocket webcomic list


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I want more Furry Manga. With good plots/storylines.

It's mainly just boring romance and/or porn for the most part. How about something similar to .hack//SIGN or something in terms of story? Or Berserk perhaps? Or what about Planetes? Lots of stuff out there one could draw their imagination from.


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You know, this thread gives me an idea. Maybe someday in the future when I'm better at art, I'll take the furry story I wrote last year and turn it into a comic. It's short enough, in theory. And it sounds fun, as well as terrifying because it would still take a loooooot of work and motivation.


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You know, this thread gives me an idea. Maybe someday in the future when I'm better at art, I'll take the furry story I wrote last year and turn it into a comic. It's short enough, in theory. And it sounds fun, as well as terrifying because it would still take a loooooot of work and motivation.
Just do it! I passed up a lot of comic job opportunities because I was waiting until I was "better" at art. Now I'm better and those opportunities aren't there anymore. So just wing it. Especially if you're working on your own project, you can take it at whatever pace you want. Dive in!


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As someone mentioned before, It would be really interesting to read somethin based on historical events.
Also I would like to read less slice of life and romance and more of adventure or even horror or science fiction :O


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I'd love to see some more Action Comics, especially one starring fat furs. I want one where they're the good guys, though. Reagan's Comics kind of depress me because of that.

I'd also love to see more exotic animals in anthro comics. I'd love to see anteaters and porcupines and stuff like that.


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My favorite furry comics include Ozy and Millie, Heavenly Nostrils, Endtown, Crossed Wires, Grandville, and Blacksad.

In my more humorous comics, I like witty banter, unique characters, wry observational humor, and smart sociopolitical commentary.

When it comes to more serious fare, I gravitate to science fiction and action comics, and like subtle/non-anvilicious social commentary, over-arching plots, mysteries, and continuous twists and turns.

I tend not to like comics about video games, or comics where the characters basically only play video games. Comics that are only about cute humor or cute character interactions tend to lose me if they don't have an over-arching plot. I don't like cliched fantasies that repeat all the usual tropes. I'm typically bored by comics that are purely about racism/bigotry/speciesism, because I've seen it so many times.


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I'd like something that's part romance, part drama and part social realism. Something that explores the everyday lives and struggles of characters of different species. Stories of different characters and their interactions with others, and of how species has positive and negative affects of those interactions.
Something where the world-building is central to the story, and it should preferably be a a modern day and relatable world.


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I’m enjoying “Unnatural” at the moment: the plot is more of a mystery thriller and the main premise centres around social issues (in this case, anthro characters mating outside of their inherent species and the way society punishes them, hence the title). It has tiny elements of romance and a couple of panels of animal boobs ‘n butts, it’s definitely not furry porn though. It has an interesting premise and good characters, plus it’s really well drawn which is always a plus for me.


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I wish these sections weren’t as dead as they are :(

As for what I’d like to see in comics? Less romance and stuff as mentioned. Perhaps a furry take on historic events would be interesting?
I like this idea. Maybe something like a pair of time travelling Furries.

I also like @redfox_81 's idea of maybe a mystery thriller with something like a Furry Sherlock Holmes, but I think that genre has been done before. Maybe something supernatural.


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Comedy comics? Not many good modern comedy comics/webcomics involving anthros, which is a shame, considering how well anthropomorphism lends itself to visual expressions and fun character designs (not to mention how widely it was used for this purpose during the age of Disney comics, for example). There are some, like Sequential Art or Housepets, but they usually fall short due to falling in the same "2000's webcomic" trappings of needless cruelty, shoehorned romantic plotlines, authors leaning too much on creepy eroticism, etc.

As I mentioned a while before, I can't recommend "Scalie Schoolie" enough when it comes to comedic furry strips - humor is genuinely good and relies on clever timing above all else, references barely appear and aren't grating, and a lot of comedy is in goofy (but not overexaggerated) expressions and visual gags, which sidesteps the common "two characters standing and talking" problem so prevalent in many webcomics. For me, it's a solid example of how to do this sort of thing right, and I would really like to see more of that.


I'd really like to see historical based stuff as well, or possibly something along the lines of a Rocko's Modern Life-esque surrealist satire.

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My advice for finding sfw furry comics is just looking on sfw comic sites. I'm subscribed to a couple hundred ongoing sfw webcomics, quite a few which are all-furry. I'm making short furry comics right now but they don't revolve around a specific storyline.

What I'd like to see more of is furry horror comics. As of yet, I haven't found a single one-- good horror though, not "psycho kitten cuts ponies up uwu #insanity #sparklegore" crap. Definitely less romance.

Once I get a better hang of making comics, I plan on making one set in a universe I've worked on over the years. I'd like to see more mystery comics, and have even considered drawing furry versions of well-known mysteries.

I've a very... Uncertain concept of true-crime comics with furries, the interest in which was sparked by several true crime podcasts I've come across. There's so many stories, either unsolved mysteries, tragedies, or crimes, all of which have never been illustrated. It eliminates the need for a plot writer if you already know what happened. If someone else wanted to do it, I'd be ecstatic, as my own art isn't near a quality worthy of that.

That's my two cents. I want more diversity of genres. I've found some really great ones and some that... Weren't my type. But I guess it sells to make porn.


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I know this has been said before, but i wanna see more furries in non slice of life genres. nothing against that, but what's the point of making them anhtros, if they feel more like humans in fursuits. Hell, I would kill for an interesting story that's basically urban fantasy but with furries.