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What type of furry comics do you want to see more of?


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I like the whole "fish out of water"/"struggling with identity" stories so I kind of want more comics dealing with transformation (nothing fetish related, please) of character, and seeing how they adjust to their new life.

Sort of like how Joel became King ('HousePets'), and how he adjusted to his life going from an animal hating human to a dog with a wife, and kids. Or even with 'Out Of Placers' seeing how Kass adjusts to not only becoming a Yinglet, but also a female (from male).

Then you sort of have a teen drama/sci-fi/superhero overall wacky/awesome comic run called, 'Urgent Transformation Crisis' where (initially) a brother and sister get turned into an anthro squirrel and goat (respectively), and seeing how they deal. For example, one embraces the situation while the other tries to reverse their change (again, respectively).

Also with 'Foxy Flavored Cookies' with its mystery. The only con is that the author made it so that the characters that transform (from Human to Lycan) lose their memories, but thankfully the main character still retains some.

I just find this kind of stuff fascinating.

If I could draw, I would do my own comic series based on that, but I might have to settle on a text based adventure series (as a side project) when I get out of my writing (hiatus) funk.

Its been a hot minute since I've read What nonsense, but from what I recall it was pretty good. It has some psychological thriller moments, but mostly it felt like a drama.

It dropped off my radar b/c the artist updates super infrequently.

Cucumber Quest is lite-fantasy adventure with bunny protagonists. Its not a range of animals, but anthro-rabbits is better then just having humans.


Btw guys TV Tropes has a whole list of "furry" themed comics. Ideally there should be something worth reading from the list... (Ideally)
I honestly want a much more serious comic about furries. Something that really digs into the psychology of characters, and is on par of that of other top comics. It doesn't even really need to be action, I would be satisfied with a pure drama.


Something like lone digger but like a full movie or like a zootopia TV show but where the heck is the fantasy anime going to come. Or a mmo rp.


A furry version of War of the Worlds would be neat.