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"I say what I mean and I mean what I say." -Horton
First off, hello!

As like many others who poke their heads to the RP side of FA's forums I want a good RP so that I can let my creative build up come out! Other sites I have just done the usual, either joined a current ongoing one and molded a character from scratch to fit or I would attempt to make an RP myself just from my own made up worldby my POV of it. Neither entirely successful and a little "lacking". Straight up RPnation.com is a great, and active, site but... not exactly "catered" towards my type entirely. FA forums, from what I've seen, is mostly made up of people not getting their real RP 'fill' either with seeing the multiple posts from fellow furs asking for RP partners. I realize that many of those posts are asking for basically NSFW RPs hence their asking instead of making an RP here in the forums... but some seem to just want a more 'mature-minded' RP going on in general.

So, the question is... What would you like in a RP for it to be "fulfilling" to your RP creativity wishes?

What you want world-wise may it be: futuristic, medieval, fantasy, twisted reality, post apocalyptic, modern, etc.

What you want theme-wise may it contain: every-day-life, questing, one evil trying to rule it all (not a fan of that one tbh), morbid, goretastic -within FA regulations/rules-, illegal activities -within FA regulations/rules-, experimentation, mental illness, loving family, slaving -not meaning just sexual type-, fighting, etc.

What elements do/would you like to be involved: horror, light-hearted, depravity, survival, love/romance, etc.

WhatEVER you feel you wish to share about your RP wishes, even if you feel them to be irrelevant but still for RP purposes, please share! Points listed above are just to try to get you thinking.

I know that question can be taken as broad but that is the partial intent. I enjoy reading others' views and opinions and I want to -try- to make an RP that will actually work/uphold over a greater period of time. Along with, I want to try to bring like-minded people together and not just over a plot that I throw forth from just my POV. I wish to 'build' a world with others, mainly mature minded people... atleast one paragraphers. Furs that really want to express their characters and dig into the RP as if they were writing their own side of the story in a book.

Let's scratch that furry RP itch.


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Well when it comes to genre overall it seems that you are rather versatile in covering a broad amount of them. Personally, when it comes to a roleplay I typically look for more of a prompt and a progressive story or at least some sort of progress to go off of. Similarly for that reason I can not stand slice of life very much since it seems to just be the same characters standing around doing the same thing over and over or just hanging around doing nothing. While this can be fine on it's own I often categorize it more as 'derping around' rather than roleplay, especially when there's only a line or a sentence rather than giving any effort into the post overall. Can't really go along with Romance roleplays either. Sure there can be times when the RP dies down a little and the characters are just relaxing, but still, I want to see them try and do something, they motivations, perhaps a bit more grand in scale but still moving forward or showing the points along the way in the long run.

I am mostly used to Fantasy exploration or fantasy generally speaking since it seems to be much easier just to be sent out into the world as basic 'adventurers' or questing for one thing or another through some means, a basic and traditional prompt but it gets things started and allows for basic progress and encounters of plot points along the way. I am less familiar with science fiction though I want to say I am a bit interested in exploring it since it is a subject I am not used too much at all. I have barely dabbled in a bit of dystopian, space opera and hopefully soon a virtual MMO type of thing. Urban fantasy can be quite a ride as well and is sort of the... 'balance' between the two. Can't say I've tried a lot of horror, guess I am a little scared of that one.

I guess I have been itching a little bit for MMO based rps slightly or Isekais, superheros, and or cowboys a little bit. Regular fantasy is always welcomed too. On the other hand I feel like I should check out a few more science fiction genres here or there.

In truth, a good prompt in itself can be good. I guess I prefer something distanced a bit from reality instead of just regular modern day, maybe just a twist here or there but if there's something interesting enough I could be tempted to try it.

Things tend to be a bit more toward the light hearted end but that's more or less that there isn't severe description of injuries unless relevant to the plot, such as if a monster had torn through multiple people. I enjoy a bit more of a partner, when we're willing to bounce ideas off each other or create our own to explore or implement at certain points in the overall world. Not to mention one that doesn't take over characters or write posts that just 'instantly kill' characters beyond their control or some other nonsense like that. I guess action tends to be involved in most things so there's that to consider as well, I tend to forget that's a theme..