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What Universe Do Your Furries Live In?


I'm still in the process of creating my fursona, and one thing I've been having a hard time deciding is the universe. I like futuristic sci-fi settings like Midgar in FFVII or Cocoon in FFXIII. Maybe a world that looks very much like ours, but with differences like advanced technology or magic. That makes me think of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Anyway, this thread is very helpful for ideas. Thank you.

I've created a story universe in which my characters exist on the outside of a Dyson Sphere.

That sounds absolutely awesome.


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My character lives in the slutfox dimension. All he does is have gay sex. Forever. Is that heaven or hell? You decide!

On a serious note, it's just a goofy avatar. It doesn't really have a universe or anything.


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World of Darkness-esque Universe.


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In a tiny enchanted neighborhood called Century Pines. It's in a sketchbook where I draw mostly everything. And, yes, it's a ripoff of the 100 Acre Woods from Winnie the Pooh lol


Mmm I've never really went in depth with the world in which my fursona lived in, but if anyone caught a glimps of where he was they'd know it was a different world, or alternate dimention for sure.
I usually picture him pioneering through a magical forest (so cliche` I know) or some inhabitable icy waste-land. Mostly. Then again he's got one hell of a wanderlust, and will treck the entire world.

I should give this world a name :I :idea:


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The universe my fursona lives in is essentially a space-post-apocalyptic setting.
A certain species acquired the means to nearly infinite production capability from beings that were actually wise enough to use it.
I have a whole storyline on what unfortunate, unconsiderate, or downright vile-driven events happened over centuries but the result is that the races today live in what is essentially a junkyard galaxy, currently in the "rebuilding civilization" stage.
Some places are left mostly untouched, like the homeworld of my fursona's species, some planets act like (more or less habitable) shelters for races that had to flee and find a place to survive.


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My fursona lives present day, but with a few differences from our own: We've perfected gene-splicing (hence the furries) and cloning (fuck ethics), we have prosthetics at the level of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we have pilotable automatons on the level of most "real robot" anime and video games, some people have natural powers a la GetBackers, and we live in a global totalitarian society, but not at the level of V for Vendetta, but at more of an "illusion of free will" type. See, the government known as the Federal Assembly of Peoples (I saw what I did thar) controls the populace subtly through the use of subliminal messaging and stuff in the water, among other methods. Anyways, there is group, known as The Aware, who has managed to break free from this control, mostly by treating incoming water and food, and hacking incoming media. The Aware have a very strong foothold in the in the American Northwest and Southeast, especially along the coasts, as it's easier to free those areas compared to SoCal and New England, due to the large as fuck cities. They also have a few large cells in the U.K. and Eastern Europe.

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That sounds absolutely awesome.

Funny thing, but I came up with the idea shortly after Pokemon came to the U.S. "Over one-hundred and fifty Pokemon!" Got me to thinking, what if you had a world with "over one-hundred and fifty" different sentient species living on it... you'd need a very, very large world to hold that many civilizations, so, what better than a Dyson Sphere? But I still wanted something like a normal planet, so I decided on the previously described set-up, so I could have all my "critters" living on the outside, rather than the inside. The idea was a created world, seeded by its creators with lifeforms found all over the universe. Perhaps even genetically engineered as some huge experiment. Only these "Creators" appeared to have vanished, and no creature now living on this world even knows the nature of their world, let alone that they are "immigrants". Or artificially created beings. I'm actually... or was... RPing the very individual who discovers the nature of his world by accidentally finding a way to access the inside of the Sphere. Heh... based his species on Pikachu, though they look completely different, their electric "powers" coming from quills growing on their backs, not their cheeks.


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Well, I'm living in a never ending Daft Punk concert (my ultimate universe).

Granted, I'm not a furry (no fursona, or any of that stuff), but I'm sure a number of furries would agree with me here.


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My fursona lives in the real world with some historical discrepancies (I don't know exactly what they are, but it's good to have that so you can make shit up).


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Kingdom Hearts based universe, just so`s I can use da keybladez. :D

Though I generally make up my own worlds for the sake of convenience.


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Imagine earth.
Now imagine that earth having no more humans, and everyone being replaced by their anthro counterpart.
Pretty much it i guess.
I dont roleplay often.


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Imagine earth.
Now imagine that earth having no more humans, and everyone being replaced by their anthro counterpart.
Pretty much it i guess.
I dont roleplay often.

That. Is. The. Laziest. Idea. For. A. Universe. Ever.

You have my approval.

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I guess my characters universe is much like The Sandman graphic novel. In which essentially divinities exist but they are more or less anthro manifestations of human emotions, reasonings, and faiths. Like in the sandman there is a diety called desire, and a diety called destiny.

My characters represent different philosophies of the concept of human nature Such as i have a character called Riot; who represents a sceptical, anti-humanist, or even nihilistic philosophy of humanity through being very much at odds with general people's faith in the entire idea of a human nature. There is Lotto, who represents social optimism and naivety. Then there is Kitty Doc, who represents a more Randian self-intrest formed secular humanism in being greedy, powerful, calous, and manipulative. Lastly there is Star that represents an ubermench in the form of a futuristic idealized "man conqures nature" utopian human future.

They basically live on this earth but can travel back in time and fight with each other over human minds.

Hendly devlin my main sheep char is pretty much from the set of robocop or a mad max kind of post apoc.

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The story version of my char has there own world.
Nothing super special, tho it has a mix of anthros and humans.

There on a moon of a larger planet. The moon is roughly the size of earth.
Other than that it not really super special. Other than anthro and feral creatures that can talk.
It also set it a medieval middle ages, with some renaissance age mixed in, and some of my own stuff mixed in.


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The story of all my character is taking place exactly five years into the future. Most are anthros and some are humans.

(Long story short.)

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Pretty much the universe earth is in, same planet

except no religion.


Somewhere beneath the ocean there is an abandoned storage container. In it a colony of ants and a pair of squirrels wage war over the unit. During an epic battle the ants set off a nuclear missile, killing them all and bursting a hole into the side of the container. All of the water in the ocean turns to acid and is sucked into the container, killing all fix and destroying numerous ecosystems. World war breaks out and all national superpowers denote nuclear warheads, annihilating all of humanity and causing a nuclear winter. The only survivors are the penguins.

The penguins work to rebuild the earth as a magical winter wonderland with sporks and everything. Everything goes well, until an evil penguin known as Light Bulb Toothpaste recruits an army of evil penguins and attempts to unleash a genocide in an attempt to leave them as rulers of the world. The two factions wage war and look for the legendary Arc of the Covenant, which is the storage container filled with acid.

This is, in a nutshell, my universe.