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What Universe Do Your Furries Live In?


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Middle/Dark Ages level tech in a Post-Rain Vilous.
When I was writing a novel for my exgf, I said that furrys exist in a Alice in Wonderland-esque world called Freydur. I didn't get to finish the novel sadly, but I kinda wanted to revisit the topic.


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When I was writing a novel for my exgf, I said that furrys exist in a Alice in Wonderland-esque world called Freydur. I didn't get to finish the novel sadly, but I kinda wanted to revisit the topic.

That's actually pretty orginal, especially the name; it sounds kinda norse. I like it, and on a different note, you have an awesome forum name.
That's actually pretty orginal, especially the name; it sounds kinda norse. I like it, and on a different note, you have an awesome forum name.
Thank you and thank you. It's my FA name as well.

Well, anyways. Freydur is a world that is entered through many portal from our world. The portal my character had come from was a tree with a dimly lit hallway that let to a staircase that only furrys could use since it had so many steps. Humans would most likely fall and die or lose interest and go back for fear the staircase was endless. I based the idea that furrys are severely stronger than human, being a living portmanteau of animal and human. And since furrys do not occur in our world naturally, I assumed if they did, they would have to be intertwined with magic somehow. (I just like magic.)
Freydur, itself, is a very nature-based world; kinda where steampunk meets naturepunk. I stole the idea that furrys are almost one with nature and trees from Christopher Paolini-- his elves are amazing. Freydur varies from native american styled living to metropolitan cities-- nature or New York like cities.


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This universe, but in the early 1930s.


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In 2599, the old Earth ended in a nuclear holocaust. Only a small population of humans survived, hiding in deep underground shelters for hundreds of years. During this time, the world returned to the animals, and to creatures not seen on the planet for thousands of years. Dragons roamed the land as the dominant creatures for a hundred years, before most of them left for wherever they had stayed before. The dragons who remained began experiencing the same gradual changes the other animal species had. Over the five hundred years that humans remained in the shelters, the radiation slowly cleared. As it cleared, it affected all species in various ways. Plants were larger and bore more succulent fruits, and animals grew larger, and gained bipedal stances. It wasn't too much longer after that when the creatures found the remains of human libraries, and through that learned much of humanoid culture, including speech, clothing, and technology. By 3022, the world had been fully rebuilt, save for a desolate region in northern asia and the antarctic continent.
I'm leaving out a lot because much of the universe "lore" has to do with a lot of hurring and durring about things being set up to cater to my kinks blah blah blah. It also includes a planet in a different galaxy called C'kahra where some of the hurring and durring still occurs, but it's a sight better for more serious stuff.

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Lives here, in milky way. Somewhere in that vast sky filled with stars, is the home of my char Reyzar. But on earth there lives My owlsona and fox'sona


In my head, billy lives in a world where every fursona ever is canon.

It's a really fucked up world where people are dicks to each other for no reason and sexual molestation can be forecast like weather. In a world of gods and gunslingers, of sugar bowls and wannabe dark lords, Billy is just kind of a schmoe who has miraculously survived to adulthood.

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My fursona lives in a very rainy world, where the U.S. is in war with North Korea , China, and Russia. Also nato is our ally, and my fursona is apart of many naval campaings against China, Russia, and a land invasion with some other marines (in my story "DOC!") of North Korea and is apart of forward advance and even capture of North Korea. My fursona's universe is a dark one, and very fragile economy of every country, proxy battles and boarder clashes with every country, Germany, in Shambles because of the relentless russian and chinese attacks at them, only with Nato to help secure it. In a nut shell, the whole world in in shambles, The U.S. is indifferent with protesters, and people who hate, Europe is becoming increasingly weak and poor, along with Russia and China, although China and RUssia will run out of funds soon in my world, with North Korea taken over by NATO making it just one big Korea.


My fursona exists in a world that would probably take a rather reasonably sized book to fully describe, mostly because I've thought about it any time I day dream.

Humans and anthros exist (largely) side by side, though official government policies range from 'kill everything that isn't us' to full acceptance. Technologically, it's roughly what would correspond with the late Victorian era here on Earth, though with lots of dieselpunk and cyberpunk themes. Horse-mounted cavalry and steam-powered trains exist side by side with extensive bionic augmentation and neural uplinks. As for the nations themselves, I tried to approximate them with 'obscure' cultures here on earth like the Gauls, Uzbeks, Polabian Slavs, and Cossacks.


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I'd like to think of them, my characters as actors that can be given different roles when needed. with things like scenes I imagine being the stage. Foremost I haven't thought about it that far outside the acting thing, but a world whose residents include similar characters created by other people sounds good.


In my head, billy lives in a world where every fursona ever is canon.

It's a really fucked up world where people are dicks to each other for no reason and sexual molestation can be forecast like weather. In a world of gods and gunslingers, of sugar bowls and wannabe dark lords, Billy is just kind of a schmoe who has miraculously survived to adulthood.
If this where a show I'd probably be watching it.


Well my 'sona(s) don't have a universe to their own really, just life like here, but with fur and animal features.

The rest of the Mad Mobs however have about oh jeez.... about 6 probably more different projects/universes that i have laying around. And that's 6+ after combining a few. I'm a world building obsessive xD


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My stories primarily take place on Earth, but it is an alternate reality/parallel universe Earth. He's how I would describe it in a paragraph or two:

In medieval times, there were many hardships that are no longer relevant and many dangers that are non-existent today. One of the most dangerous of these were dragons. Around 900 A.D., these beings had begun to spontaneously appear all over Europe, and in their attempts for survival had clashed with human settlements, stealing livestock and occasionally damaging villages. As more dragons appeared, the problem became worse. Many kingdoms began efforts to exterminate these beasts, and over time their numbers dwindled until they disappeared completely.

Fast forward to 2014. In the middle of an important Presidential Conference, the doors are thrown open and a mysterious being walks in. Although he is humanoid, and appears to be one from a distance, as he approaches it becomes more obvious that he is reptilian. The being addresses the President and others present, then removes his clothing, revealing himself as an anthropomorphic descendant of the legendary dragons. Over the next twenty years, dragons and humans began to share the world with each other. Although it is not a completely peaceful relationship, the two species are capable of co-existing in the same space. Some dragons, however, do not wish to interact with humans at all, and remain isolated where they hid for hundreds of years, in magically protected and concealed parts of the globe. The humans, on the other hand, marvel at the presence of another intelligent species, and many wonder: if it can happen with one, has it happened with others?


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LMAO no I mean.. xD
That was pretty good ha.
I mean like.. I can relate to that on certain levels, and plus it's interesting to see what common people would / can do in uncommon events. Like sociology happing in real time. *Shrug* I dunno, but I'd see it. :]


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Ever play STRYKER ?
Nothing like that.

It depends on what type of story I am writing. Most are just herp-derp boring counterparts to this world, with minor differences.
If that does not work, then South Park.


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Telnac's an android dragon from a near-future sci-fi setting. He lives on Venus in one of the many could cities there and commutes to Earth regularly (via teleportation) to conduct business, mostly freelance consulting work. His favorite nation is Japan, but the cost of housing in Japan would be insane for a feral dragon. The rest of the Earth isn't much better, which is why he lives on Venus.

More detailed setting info, copied & pasted from Telnac's FA page:

Telnac lives in the middle of the 22nd Century. The population of the Earth has stabilized at 15 billion people. The Moon, Mars and Venus have been extensively colonized, with all of them but Venus being self-sustaining.

Humans have long ago mastered faster than light (FTL) technology, and extensively use it for communication, travel and to build high speed processors. FTL technology started to emerge as early at 1999. Early experiments on FTL communication systems started in 2008, and quickly bore fruit. It wasn't long before an FTL communication device successfully flew on a probe to Mars. As a result, the world watched the first manned landing on Mars live.

The first android with a mind comparable to the human brain was built in Japan in the mid 2060s. In 2070, Japan declared that such androids are Japanese citizens. Other countries followed suit and by 2085, all androids with an IQ of 70 or greater were granted the same rights as people. Intentionally making a self-aware machine with an IQ less than 70 was banned, so in effect all intelligent androids were legally declared people.

AI-derived implants started to appear on the market shortly thereafter in an effort to prevent the human brain from rapidly disappearing into technological obsolescence. In the long run, that concern was largely unjustified. It simply wasn't possible to build a machine much more powerful than the human brain and have it be much smaller, because the human brain is a REALLY POWERFUL computer. What AI could do easily was stuff that the brain's architecture doesn't do well: record, store & rapidly process raw data... the same stuff computers have been doing since the 1940s.

But the neurological implants did work, and they were in large demand because of it. Suddenly, nearly everyone had perfect photographic memory and could solve complex differential equations in their head. The devices were hooked up to the FTL interplanetary network, and the effect on civilization was almost like discovering the Internet all over again.

Humans never built a warp drive, although such a thing is theoretically possible. In the 2070s, Human teleportation systems were based off of the concept of entanglement, so they needed a machine at the origin and destination. That alone kept humanity inside our own star system until we made first contact with an alien civilization in the waning years of the 21st Century.

After formal diplomatic and trade agreements were made and humanity agreed to be bound by the articles of interstellar law, alien-built self-teleportation systems came onto the market. They were FAR more expensive than conventional teleporters, but they used a technology that humans had a difficulty mastering: quantum tunneling. This allowed the machine to teleport itself (and whatever was along for the ride) instantly to any destination w/o needing a teleportation machine at the end. Spacecraft with such a teleportation system could instantly go almost anywhere in the Universe (subject to the energy requirements needed to go so far.) That alone reduced the warp drive to an academic curiosity.

Telnac's current home is in a city floating in the cloud tops of Venus. Because the atmosphere is so think and nearly entirely carbon dioxide, a large room sealed & filled with human-breathable air would actually float like a balloon in the Venusian sky. Cities on Earth are designed for human-sized dwellers, and land prices on the Moon or Mars are far from cheap, so when Telnac got back to the Solar System, he bought a large condo in one of the many Venusian cloud cities. He commutes daily by teleporting to Earth to conduct business.


Gypsies are slightly more prominent in Andrzej's world, but they still receive the same amount of suspicion and hate.


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Tomias is a surprisingly complex charactor, having created him when I was about...15, when my imagination was just running wild everywhere (it still is for somer eason XD). He started out as a charactor on this RPG website, based around the Redwall Saga by Brian Jaques, on this site, you got to play as one of the 'vermin' creatures, and I chose a fox. However maybe 5 months after I first created him, me and one of my best friends from the site started doing insta RP's over Skype and MSN and such. Due to both our love for the X-Men comics/games/movies/whatever, the whole RP was based around that, so I made a partially different version of Tomias for that, which due to it being more like me irl, this is the version that became my actual fursona. Since, a teenager that mutates into an anthro fox with telekinetic abilies hasn't been done yet...I think XD

Anyway, as a charactor, I'd say this 'updated' Tomias is pretty pliable between different fandoms, and different universes. So far, here is a list of all the fandom/universes that I've rp'd him in, that I can remember so far.

-Lilo and Stitch (don't ask)
-The Road To El Dorado (again...)
-Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe
-Doctor Who/Torchwood
-Once Upon A time In Mexico
-Pirates Of The Carribean
-The Secret Window
-Alice In Wonderland (the new one, with Depp in it)
-Aladdin (okay fine, me and my friend love animated shiz)
-My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
-Avatar: The Last Airbender
-Zombie World (the Romero version)
-K4 (A massive scale self created universe me and a whole group of bros rp in)
-Red V Blue
-Battle: Los Angeles
-From Hell
-many other random/generic/made up shit

Yeah, you get the idea...I RP too damn much :V But yes, as you can see Tomias is a great charactor to RP with, since he fan fit in easily enough with almost anything you put him in. Hell, I even have a human version of him I use for some RP's, and a different alias, called Michael Vulpes, since Tomias Redford was sorta, getting overused.


Well, it's a somewhat in-the-past world (phones haven't been invented yet), initially an excuse for the characters to exist but grew into a varied area so all the various characters from different places could co-exist in the same world. At first it was just some vast empty place because I was thinking "an RPG would be cool for this". Then I didn't do that, but gradually made short stories and a timeline (granted, very loose so it doesn't make much sense when jumbled together). Dragon race becomes the dominant species, wolves retreat to the west where a desert is, got a few squirrels in the southwest... anyway, I never pursued it because a) filling all that empty space with stuff is time-consuming, and b) two online friends happened, causing me to ditch EVERYTHING and just exclusively draw my fursona or those two.