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What Universe Does Your Fursona Live In?


Mine live in a high-fantasy, sword-and-sorcery world of my own design called the edge of reality. I even have a map drawn out somewhere. I put a lot of thought into it, but it includes all the typical fantasy races and creatures, with the addition of the lycans, which are the wolf-humanoids that all my fursonas are. They are a minority, and somewhat looked down upon outside of their home, a kingdom called high wilderness. Think of it like the khajiit in the elder scrolls saga, but they are looked down upon for being ferocious and warlike rather than conniving and sneaky. While this world is distinctly it's own, it was influenced by everything from naruto to various old legends, i.e. beowulf, legend of king arthur, ect. It would be a great setting for a novel, if I could quit throwing away every imperfect attempt at starting one.


NOT a Chupacabra!
My fursona lives in a world like our own, but in the future. My character is a previously unknown species known as Zynaths. They went unnoticed for so long because not only are they rare, but sightings of them were confused with chupocabra sightings. My fursona, Candy as I currently call them, was the first to be confirmed as a unique species, as they suffered a case similar to the case with urbanized wildlife, living wild in the city eating others' trash and wandering the streets. In this future world, human and animal hybridization has became successful, but have been still kept separate from the public, living lives in laboratories and becoming soldiers of war. Due to Candy's human intelligence, but testing negative to exhibiting any human DNA, they are sent and taught in a "School for the Special," a school made for teaching children who are considered odd to the world. These children often just have physical differences beyond what is normal to humanity, being taught in a school where they can be in a safe school system without constant ridicule from others.


Shekel collector
Our world but different time line, Poland does not get partitioned and has some oversea colonies, also back in day they have made close allies with Muscovy which angered many European Nations and Ottoman Empire, rest still needs development. Ah also Germany has been formed in 1456 by Austria


Wayward Sun
The setting I've created for Vanko is in the far future, on the fringes of a vast interstellar empire. I used the world generation rules from Traveller to create it, and also for his ship, the Wayward Sun.

It's far enough in the future that nobody really remembers Earth or why there's anthro animals running around in addition to humans, but there is an explanation. I've thought a little bit about what sort of species might live on what sort of planets, but mostly you can look like anything and be from anywhere.


Fursona wise? idk, can b anything.
OC wise, however? Considering that,, I've seen ppl mistakenly refer to all anthro characters as fursonas rather than splitting up OCs and fursonas into their own groups, idk which you're referring to. I've got a lot of OCs, spanned across a lot of universes!


actually becomes opossum like a boss
in a parallel universe,also the feral versions of my characters live in another parallel universe
but my fursona can actually transform into the human version of himself,which is me.I would suppose that means he switches universes when he changes


The violent man-eater
well officially they were supposed to be in the same universe as the episodic story that i write but since most of their stuff was generated by fan works of them they sort of exist within their own canon along with all the various characters he's been drawn with.


Autumn Wolf
Drake lives in a very similar universe to our own, with the exception of having much more advanced prosthetic limb technology.