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What Vehicle(s) Do Your Sona Own?


New otter washed ashore

Houseboat for parties and stealing wifi.



An unusually well maintained 2002 Kia Spectra Hatchback with a mismatched front bumper, 2 windows that don't work, and a back right door that won't lock

Fri-Sun (Wxr permitting):

A 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Company vehicle:


A Minty cheetah

~C H E E~
Seeing how Minty is mostly IRL me, he would have the same car as me: Fiesta ST180

While being fictional, he also has the one classic car (that isn't a Mini) which I would love to own: the glorious Triumph TR6


Niche Internet Microcelebrity
Let's go all out, shall we?

In addition to his '97 Ram, Dallas also owns a 2004 Skyline GTR, which was illegally imported before the Boogaloo.


And while he doesn't own it, one of his regular customers and closest friends has a UH-1 Iroquois that he'll fly on occasion.
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As long as we're expanding:

Juno's boyfriend inherited his late mother's 2002 Holden Jackaroo, to replace his totalled 2005 Volvo XC90. He drove it for about a year before leaving Australia.


After landing in Canada, he bought a 2008 Saab 9-3 convertible from a sketchy lot near the airport, that's somehow broken down more often than Juno's Kia.


Side note: I've been wondering if a self-respecting kangaroo would ever own a car called the Jackaroo. I'll just chalk it up to his parents finding a good enough deal to ignore the name.

Extra side note: Juno's first car was a 1989 Isuzu Trooper (North American version of the Jackaroo). He rolled it in college.
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Jacob Bender

Dj jumpsta’s human form
My fursona likes to bounce so he uses his bouncy ball, but when he goes to clubs and festivals he has a super fancy limo and limo bus


Slippery When Wet
My fursona exists in a different time period, in a world of pirates and kings and scoundrels, when there are still a lot of wild and undiscovered places in the world. She travels the sea by sailing ship, or she may take her "mermaid" like form and swim from place to place herself. On land, she is accustomed to traveling on foot, as she is considered a common-folk so luxuries like carriages and horseback riding are out of what she can afford.


I never really gave them any kind of transportation
some of them have wings
some of them can teleport or fly
some others run really fast
or levitate once in a while
But on the cities I might develop chapters on, I will need an urban background and my characters might need to "blend in"


Explosion loving skooma cat

Unless like, you know, work and such. then probably a pathfinder or old jeep.

Shane McNair

Ace Pilot
As far as personal vehicles go, it depends on which part of Shane's story, which takes place a couple of years before WWII. Near the beginning, he's a pilot in the Army Air Corps stationed at Barksdale Field, Louisiana. Here, I could see him owning a 1920s-30s era Harley or Indian motorcycle. This would be more affordable and probably more practical for him than a car, since he doesn't make a lot of money even as an officer. Like everyone else, the Air Corps at that time was affected by the Depression and very limited defense spending, and there were pay cuts across the board. During his free time, Shane would probably also compete in races with it for extra cash on the side.

But later on, after a major turning point in his timeline of events, Shane gets sought out and recruited as a field operative for a shadowy agency within the Office of Naval Intelligence - similar to the OSS during WWII. With the agency's backing, he adopts a cover as a millionaire playboy, and during this part of his story he would own a 1936 Auburn Speedster similar to this one:


He would also have his own private airplane, which would be a customized Sikorsky S-38 flying boat. This plane would have a nicely appointed interior with art deco styling. The S-38 was known as "the explorer's air yacht". Howard Hughes notably owned one in real life, as did Lindbergh.


Sikorsky S-38 1.jpgSikorsky S-38 2.jpg
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vaporeon character != mushroom characters
My pvp character has this

don’t worry he does not have any warheads