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What video game are you playing...


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Metal Slug X. There's actually an arcade with a bunch of old machines near me, but none as unpopular as Metal Slug X and Samurai Shodown next to the crowded Marvel vs. Capcom. Sadly after hours of giving the finger to not having arthritis, the machine randomly rebooted entirely. Those 45 coins will be missed.


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Earlier today, did a quick expedition in MH4U because Gore Magala (G-rank) was available. Chameleos Insect Glaive (poison) + Dragon-type Kinsect, we finished it off in about ten minutes. Not bad! But we still need more materials before we can finish the G-rank Gore armor set ... (we did unlock another Gore Magala Guild Quest, though!)


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Divinity 2
If you like RPG's, especially old school "styled" ones, give it a try. It's a modern rendition of old school styled RPG's with all sorts of dialogue options and fun ways to create your character. Combat is fun too, they have an environment system, so you could use a spell that drops oil on someone then light that on fire, causing a satisfying explosion.
The co op can be a blast too if you have a buddy you wanna play with.
Highly highly recommend it!

Kit H. Ruppell

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Nioh. I bought all the DLC because I MUST have that final guardian spirit. At this rate, that could take a while...


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Maybe I should put Skyrim (Switch) down for a bit...

Started up a little thing I got on Steam, by name of Rain World. I don't know why people think that this game has weird jumping physics, because it doesn't. A few hours in and I think I've finally figured out how to read the UI....

Monsieur Doveteux

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I’ve been playing some Destiny 2, and a little bit of Rift (so sad, it’s dying fast).
KNACK 2!!!

(edit: Redout and Minecraft hurr durr)


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Han and Horner are a hoot to play as in Starcraft Co-op, half of which being the banter that goes on between the odd couple as announcers and in co-op mode itself.



For reasons beyond my own understanding, I'm sinking an ungodly amount of hours into Skyrim on the 360.
There are so many things I hate about this game but I just.. keep... playing...


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Minecraft (*gasp* I know, I know)

Though really what I'm doing is setting a rule where all structures have to be lit with lamps, and all redstone contraptions and circuits have to be powered by a furnace that is burning
using block update detection and flip-flopping the redstone signal depending on the furnace block state. So in order to have usable shelter, I must constantly fuel a furnace. The goal beyond that is just to make everything automated to create an industrial wonderland of infinite resources.


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Rain World, which I picked up on Steam some time ago but only started playing recently.

Boy, these areas are big. Took me a while to figure out how to go through those gates that separate areas, but now I'm in the area known as the "Industrial Complex". At one point, the following epic escape happens:
Okay, so I'm exploring high up in the area and I see these red flower things in the distance. I throw my spear at one and it breaks open, releasing a swarm of tiny things that fly in on me and lasso me to the ground. I don't have any other weapons in tow, I don't know if these things will outright kill me (like the fake-pole plants, which let you struggle for a bit but eventually just drag you under and you're dead) or if I can break out. But after about 15 seconds of struggling one of the game's infamous "vultures" flies into the scene. CRAP. At right about this time most of the things tying me down finally start to break and I'm able to scramble out of the way to the nearest exit tunnel ASAP, despite still having two or three of those things stuck to me and trying to tie me down.