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What video game are you playing...


Recently bought myself unreal tournament 2004 on steam and holy shit this game is fun....especially when you got someone to play with


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Just finished Shadow of Destiny, passively playing World of Warcraft, and the Halloween event for Overwatch just started! :3


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Trying to 100% all of the bioshocks rn


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Continually being amazed by the detail and atmosphere of Hyper Light Drifter. It rewards curiosity, and I like that. So much is hidden.


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Spyro the dragon.... Well I just beat the first one, and I found the second one for cheap at a game store and now I'm playing that. The original Spyro game is one of those games that's as good as you remember from your childhood. I don't know if the second game has aged quite as well for me, but even that one is still very fun.

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Was just playing Super Monkey Ball for the GBA - solely for the bowling mini game..


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Was playing Total War: Warhammer 2 in the background last night while kitbashing together a 10-man squad of tempestus scions for my Imperial Guard army.


I started to replay Fallout: New Vegas recently, pretty good game. Gonna try out a pure explosive build with high luck and see what happens hahaha


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Currently playing a neat little early access coop game called 'Deep Rock Galactic'. A game where you play as a bunch dwarven space miners with your friends to dug deeper into the depths of an alien planet to mine rare minerals, while blasting away swarms of hostile alien insectoid creatures. Lots of fun with buddies joining your struggle to get out alive to collect your pay!


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PUBG, Heores of the Storm.


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Red Dead Redemption 2! It's amazing so far and I've barely started it. I've been spending most of my time finding animals and plants.

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I'm playing through dune 2 on the chromebooks our school gave us with the world's worst dosbox that will lag if alot of action is happening on the screen. And OH MAN is it slow, me and a few friends played C&C 2 or 3 days ago and it seriously felt like it was dune 2 set at 4x the speed. Soundtrack is still to the quality of Frank's other works, just that it's soundblaster.


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So I bought Fallout 76. I mean it still feels like Fallout, maybe even more like Fallout, but still it feels really dull after 7 or so hours. I think it really is because of the complete lack of NPCs first and foremost. I feel like Fallout 76 is simultaniously a better wasteland and a worst one. On one hand it's more desolate and feels more realistic, but on the other hand it doesn't really feel like a story. Fallout 76 feels more like a quick retelling of Dante's Inferno than a Fallout game because there are no other characters to interact with, and the multiplayer aspect is just not up to MMO standards not even close. So what you are left with is a LotR esque journey from the shire but instead of going to Mordor you can go wherever you want and kill anything you want to kill. Fun. Except that gets boring. Granted the game world is so freaking good its enough to just want to sit and stare at the screen, and that is a big plus btw, but exploring it becomes too tedious when almost every thing is out to get you.


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pc: wandersong! it's charming as hell and requires you to listen/play along to songs with the help of your mc, a bard.

vidya: professor layton and the last specter (4th game in the series) on nintendo ds. i stalled on london life somewhere and i'm always down for a puzzle or two.


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Earthbound and my gazillionth hour playing Borderlands 2.

Seriously no FPS rpg stands up to the Borderlands series, at least until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.