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What video game are you playing...

Judge Spear

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Got this game called Control.
It's got a premise similar to Astral Chain, but the game's actually fun and cohesive.
And damn...this game's pretty.


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Well, recently I played
Fallout 1
Warioware Touched
and Atari 2600 Q*bert
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I'm currently trying to do a pistol-only run on Resident evil 4 and also classic mode on Evil within 2 (then it's on to akumu mode :()


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Bought Armello to play with my brother. It's a fun little board game ruined by microtransactions and glitches.

Also got myself Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which so far has too anime, too much plot. Font size is lacking too.

Luckily the new Shovel Knight expansion is super good!


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At long last, I will be playing Baldur's Gate 1 soon. I'm not super into this type of gameplay, but it's made by old bioware(I think? Apparently there's like 2 or 3 developers for this), so I'm sure this will be something of a hidden gem for me.

Might also start playing Journal

Kit H. Ruppell

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Banjo-Kazooie, for the first time. I know it's old news, but as pretty as she is, Kazooie is a total bitch. Or maybe she's just into verbal abuse....


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bruh, Journal really dropped a bomb on me with the ending. Granted, most of the game wasn't as related to the ending as it arguably should've been, but it still hit me sort of hard. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for that type of stuff. I think need to replay it to really "get" the game knowing what I do now.

Anyways, probably going to start doing The Talos Principle soon. Finish that up. Probably play another game too, just not sure what yet. And hold on Baldur's gate for a week or 2 probably. I heard it takes 150+ hours of playtime and I don't really want to start up a really long game right now. Those things are journeys,you gotta prepare yourself for them :>


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I played Bayonetta on February at that is great to me (although some of its views were frickin' well)

I play JustCause 2 and Ory and the blind forest when i've free time :)


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Playing KOTOR again! I don't remember why I stopped playing it, but I have it on PC now (I used to just play it on the old-school Xbox... the original, you know, not the Xbox One. The whole Xbox naming thing is still confusing to me.) It's a fun game. I like being stubbornly light-side even when it's entirely inconvenient.


I've had Wreckfest on my computer since it was NCG, but I'm revisiting it lately and I gotta say it's drastically improved. It's smack in between BeamNG and Forza and I'm loving it.

It's the only racing game that's made me enjoy driving angry, because the takedowns are so satisfying.
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Approaching the endgame in Pokemon Sword. Eight badges and we've arrived in the final city, which for once is an ACTUAL city (with shops, NPCs, etc). Strangely, it's also the first time you actually SEE Corviknight Taxis in-game (you receive it as a fast-travel option in Motostoke, but you basically only ever see vacant Taxi parking spots otherwise). Another thing for the list of easy opportunities that GF missed in this generation, I guess.


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The Isle, on PC.

I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up before, it’s fun!


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Playing a lot of Rocket League and Hearts of Iron IV nowadays