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What video game are you playing...


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Pokemon Ultra Sun. I just had THE MOST degenerate battle against Totem Togedemaru....
I led with my Lanturn (with Volt Absorb). This meant I had was immune, doubly resistant, or at least singly resistant to literally anything the Totem could do to me. The worst my fish was subjected to was Torment (which doesn't wear off without switching Pokemon) and Super Fang (a fixed 50% of your current HP in damage) and flinching (Iron Head caused me to flinch LITERALLY every turn I didn't spend healing!). Also, Lightningrod works even when the Pokemon is in the invulnerable phase of Bounce (Fly, etc.) meaning I couldn't use any of my fish's Electric moves, either. Nonetheless, by the time the battle was over my fish was nearly out of moves (but not HP, thanks to Volt Absorb) and I am NOT repeating that.


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I am currently playing The House in Fata Morgana and absolutely loving it. Wonderful VN. Also playing Life Goes On somewhat casually as well as Monster Loves You.
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An assortment of atrocities that came on a Chinese bootleg NES Classic Mini simply called "Entertainment System", which I got for Christmas.


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Diablo 3, Rome total war 2... All you olive trees R belong to Caeser!!


Good place for a first post :p - After Party, technically a second run through of Outer Worlds (XBox One), but taking that at a slow pace this time through, and Never Alone.

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Back to Banjo-Kazooie again. NASTY difficulty spike at the end!

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Star wars fallen order, generation zero, GTA 5, Forza horizon 4, once in a blue moon I'll play fortnite, also play break point on occasion. I normally play those on my days off. I'll use my old 360 most other days so I can smoke in bed and just relax


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And for the record, even though Kirby was the sole survivor in "World of Light", I made sure Sonic was the one to kill Galeem and Dharkon.


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Shovel Knight: King of Cards.

The map is HUGE this time around, with the tradeoff that individual areas are shorter (typically just 1 checkpoint instead of 3-5). The collectible card minigame, "Joustus", is also fun. But it has two MAJOR improvements over the average in-game CCG:
* The weakest cards in the game have unlimited quantity.
* When you just can't seem to win a card back after losing it to your opponent, Chester will allow you to buy the card back directly.

Also, a smaller scale RPG called "The Tenth Line" on the Switch. Not much to say about the story so far, but the setting prominently features beastfolk (of your three protagonist party members, two are beastfolk with one being a furry "kobold" and the other a dracomage - yes, dragon) and the character banter is well written. Even item descriptions are written in-character!
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MHW Iceborne just got released a few days ago for PC, so I've been playing that any chance I get. My wrist has been very mad at me though, so I had to take it easier that I would like to initially. Still, I made pretty good progress by my own standards despite taking things pretty slowly. Hopefully it's better by Thursday because I have at least 4 days off then that I want to dedicate to being a #nolifegamer.

Just before Iceborne came out and when I need a break from it I started a new character in Skyrim, one I've wanted to do for a while now, but I'm still in that "figure out the mods" stage. Luckily I'm in the last phase: trying to figure out what housing situation will work best for me. I think I've settled on making a camp near somewhere that I can fast travel to, which will be really cool because of the Hearth Craft and tents mod combined with the survival mods. Once I figure out the layout and exact location I'm considering starting over fresh with the same character and scenario and forcing myself to not cheat with things like encumbrance - might even stream it to keep myself honest. Before I get too into this playthrough though I need to tire myself of MHW, so I'm just sort of derping about when I do play it. I don't wanna stream MHW again and I wouldn't want to take large breaks from streaming Skyrim if I were to do so.


code vein and world of warcraft. (However I have not been playing WOW that much lately and I am mostly waiting for shadowlands to drop as grinding has become dull.)


Guitar Hero World Tour baby!!
Never gonna get tired of this game, it's my life. When you've been waiting years to play it for the one Dream Theater song on it and you finally get to it after spending the entire weekend completing career mode, how could you not cry???


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Pokemon Sword is won. I rather like how the epic story boss was done in a raid-battle format (though I totally missed an opportunity to throw a Beast Ball with presumably no chance of failing). Champion match was a champion time, though I wish I didn't have to sacrifice a few team members to use Revives.

In other news, I've found some of the hidden areas in Baba is You, and things are getting WEIRD. There's an area called "Depths" which may as well be the "of insanity" variety given what shenanigans you do. The best part, of course, is that it's all entirely consistent with what you've played up to this point....

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Battlefield V